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Initial Autocom set up


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Just setting (testing) up an Autocom Active Plus (on 9v at this time)and I am having issues with Mono coming through the helmet speakers.


I have the Garmin 2730 and I am using Part 1314 plugged directly into the GPS-


(Connects a portable source being powered by the bike to an Autocom's stereo input socket. 3.5mm Stereo plug.

Common uses include portable stereo sources powered via the bike (including XM), Garmin GPS 2730/376C and Valentine V-1 radar detector.


I also have the Garmin set to headset in the menu. I have tested all 3 aux plugs, but I have not tried my second headset yet.


Is there something easy I am missing??

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I have the power from the bike to the GPS using Touratech's power cord, so I am plugging the 3.5mm directly into the side of the GPS

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Ok I was working late and I just got home and started to troubleshoot.


I tried the extra set and it works in stereo, so I will pull it from the helmet and contact PremierCycle Products.


There must be something in the headset. I did learn to test everything prior to installing!

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