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Garmin 2820 GPS Detailed Review


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Garmin 2820 GPS Detailed Review Posted at:




First GPS to include full bluetooth intergration - connect to your helmet and your phone. No mention if it does rider to passenger communication. You can listen to music as well, it includes an MP3 player with about 700Mb of free space when euro maps are installed. Audio quality was not good on bluetooth helmet from his comments.


Anyway, nice to see this level of integration!


Regards all,


Juan Miguel Venturello

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With this I wouldn't need the motorola HF820 blutooth speaker.





And I'd have the added bonus of seeing the caller id info as well as the ability to browse the phone directory.

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Ordered the 8320 today! Will have it a the begining of June. The wallets a lot lighter though! Anyway now I have to figure out how to mount it.

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