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Bmw Rninet for a short rider


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Hi everyone, 

that's my first post in this wonderful forum.

I've almost defined the purchase of a bmw Rninet scrambler but I'm assailed by one doubt: 

I'm 1,65 cm tall, do you think I can manage a massive bike like that with no problems? 

Any personal experience would be very helpful. Thank you. 

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As far as the "full size"  BMWs, the R9T is probably the smallest; have you sat on one? I don't find them uncomfortable (I'm 5'10" - or about 1,78cm) but I do have to fold myself up a bit to ride. The ideal height for them is likely somewhere between us. 


Have you had a chance/will you have a chance to sit on one? Relatively speaking they are not overly heavy and the weight is low, so that helps a lot. 

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