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suggest a battery. or four...

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i keep my 2009 k1300s on a bmw battery tender. reactivating it for summer riding has me wanting to replace the battery which is probably 5 years old. before i look at the current battery, i thought i would ask for suggestions

as to what to shop for. the space for battery install is tight: it looks simple to replace but i most certainly need a battery of the same dimensions currently installed. i dont need the best and brightest, just a good solid unit

which will last 3-5 years.


riding on this past weekend, i also was warned of a DWA! error, which i can see is related to the batteries in the alarm system. i can see what batteries that involves, has anyone replaced their alarm batteries, and does doing so

create any errors or canbus problems which someone at home with zero skills should avoid?


much obliged for your comments.


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Checked the Odyssey site and no battery available. Got this from the Yuasa site. 




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Just replaced mine from Summit Racing.  Bike: 2006 K1200GT

Odyssey PC680MJ (Metal Jacket) Battery


Check dimensions for your application. Mine usually last 6 years.

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