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removing wheels


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i need to learn how to remove the wheels on my 04 rt. it will save me about $200 every time i replace tires. i would just have to go to cycle gear and and give them the wheels and they would replace and mount the new ones for $20.would the haynes manual give me step by step pictures and instruction to do the removal and installation of the wheels correctly?as i have no mechanical experience or know how thanks

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Rear Wheel

On the centrestand and tie it to the front wheel.

Bike in gear

Remove brake caliper being careful never to apply pressure to a brake lever while it is off.

Undo four bolts holding the wheel on and remove wheel taking care to grab the shim between the wheel & hub.


Wheel back on with shim in place. Torque bolts to spec.

Replace brake caliper.


Front Wheel

On the centrestand and weight the back of the bike.

Remove bottom side bolts securing front fender (can totally remove fender but not necessary)

Loosen off lower fork bolts and remove axle bolt (screwdriver in opposite end to hold axle steady)

Pull out axle and drop wheel out with the above warning about brake levers


Clean axle and relube

Wheel up being careful to align brake rotors / calipers and insert axle.

Reverse above procedure.


I think that's it. I'm sure others will have something to say.


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Les is more
Here's a walk through by our own Jim Moore and there should be instructions in your Service and Technical Booklet that came with the bike.
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Bob Palin

You are still going to need a torque wrench and know how to use it grin.gif (reference to previous thread for those that don't get it) Even though it is fairly simple to remove and mount the wheels you really need to go to a tech day based on your previous comments.

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Here's a walk through by our own Jim Moore and there should be instructions in your Service and Technical Booklet that came with the bike.


Why is Jim using an RT tire (mag) in the first pic and GS tire pics (spoked) in the next 5 or so pictures?


Just noticed it

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You realize you can't do both wheels at once, right?


Why not... eek.gif


That's how I do it....with the proper front fork stand. thumbsup.gif


I used these at the track for years and had a few laying around. When it came time for my first tire change I wondered if it would work on the RT. Sho' nuf....worked great. You put the bike on the center stand and pop the rear wheel off and slip this baby under the front fork legs,pop the front off and your down the road (one trip) to who ever you trust with your tire install.


With the price of gas now days the money spent on the stand would be recovered quickly. crazy.gif



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O.K. The wheels are off. What about changing and balancing the tires myself. I have a bit of experience. I remember fighting my old /5; I actually cut a tire off once. I just couldn't seem to work it over the rim. I don't want the same hassle or end up marking up my rims. Anyone have any advice. Also I have seen a couple balancers in the $100 + range. Any advice and experience?



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Please!!!! strap your center stand so it cannot collapse with one or both wheels removed. A floor jack or jack stand under the rear drive and/or engine is a good thing too.

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I was a newbie to tire changing, but the attached pic is the method I used to remove both wheels. Weigh down the rear, remove the front wheel, block and weigh down the front forks, then remove the rear wheel. Having a an extra person will help.


As others have stated, be sure to tie the center stand to the forks so it cannot collapse.


(I'm certain this is a pic from this forum. My apologies for not being to able to identify the photographer. Your method works well!)




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