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I have a used Big Mak Tank Bag for sale. Should fit all R1150RT's and R1100RT's. This tank bag is thought by many to be the best tank bag ever created for the R1100 and R1150rt's. The bag is a little beat up but works great. Included is a secondary flip plate I ordered because the initial plate bent from me leaning on it. Despite the bend still worked so never needed the extra. Included are two accessory bags which attach to the primary for more space if needed. I installed a metal plate in the top of the bag to have a firm surface for mounting electronics. You will also see in the pics a small hole in the front side panel which was where I electrified the bag with a powerlet device so its pre-drilled if this is what you would like to do as well. I highly recommend using Powerlet to bring power to the bag. Take it all for $50.00 plus $15.00 for shipping. You can paypal or Venmo the money and will be mailed out the next day. If you think the price is unfair then make an offer. I'm a fairly reasonable guy. Best to contact me with a text message to 801-473-5353 or email danwparkinson@gmail.com


Keep riding and thanks for your interest.


BIG MAK 1.jpg

BIG MAK 2.jpg

BIG MAK 3.jpg

BIG MAK 4.jpg

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