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Who has used the BMW neck warmer?


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I'm still waiting on my glove exchange from that company. I paid for them over 6 weeks ago. Returned them over a month ago (!!!) for one size smaller. Have called, have emailed. Lots of excuses/promises, still no gloves. confused.gif



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I have this product. I like it, alot.

The sizing is correct I have a 16.7 neck. I wear a 17 neck in dress shirts. I ordered a large. It fits very well. I like it because it stops the wind, is comfy, warm, and i can close the neck on all my gear comfortably over it.

It surprised me in how it is designed. There is a zipper on the side that unzips fron the top of the neck downward, but it does not unzip completely. You unzip the neck then pull it over your head and then zip it up.

I like it enough that I would buy another one.

I hope this helps

ps I have purchased from A-S before and have been pleased with their customer service

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Wow, I could have used one of those today. It got a little chilly today. My Aerostich suit is a little large in the neck, leaving my neck exposed to the elements....

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Stop by your local Harley dealer, they stock these things around here. I can't remember the brand name, but they come in two styles, one has a longer front than the other, presumably to keep the chest warm. I have one and it works great on those chilly mornings (hopefully those are gone for the next 6 months)

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