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08 RT Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors

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My 08 RT tire pressure monitor sensors work, but ...


It's been 12 years since 2008 and I have new tires to have the shop put on, so I'm thinking now is the time to put in new sensors or new batteries or something.


Long ago I saw the advrider video putting in new batteries.


Nice, if it works.  They have to be soldered or otherwise connected right, or they won't work.


I'm thinking the best thing is just pay the price for the BMW sensors, as, hopefully they still come with good batteries that will last maybe 5 years or more.  Unless BMW has now gone with cheap Chinese batteries in them.


I will avoid the cheap Chinese ones that say Shrader but may come with bad batteries.


But I have seen Autel sensors, must be programmed with Autel programmer, $30 or so for sensors, $110 or so for programmer.  And they are guaranteed to fit 98% of cars.  However, the RT is not a car.


I've sent an Autel source an email. 


I know about the wake up tool.  I also have a GS 911 which can wake up or activate new sensors.


Does anyone know about the Autel sensors?




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