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Neutral Saftey Switch With a Wash


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Did a total cleanup on the bike today. Neutral safety switch hasn't work in months. Wash bike and now it seems to work every time. Any ideas?

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I found on my 2000 R1100R that if I parked it in neutral the switch would work. When left in gear the neutral switch seemed to stick in the non-neutral position. Perhaps you had it parked in neutral while washing the bike, or maybe have accumulated enough good karma to fix the problem.

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That's why I always clean my bike after a ride,these machines respond to kindness, look after them, they'll look after you, they are after all, an extension of one's personality,I must put these drugs away!!!

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Well water is a lubricant. Of sorts. Clearly you got some into the switch and for now, it's moving again.

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Stan Walker

Clearly you got some into the switch and for now, it's moving again


This is a sealed microswitch inside a fully enclosed plastic housing tucked away behind the transmission..... water ingress doesn't seem likely.



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