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A Motorcycle Policeman Died Today


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Last night a BMW motorcycle police officer with the Gilbert Police Department (metro Phoenix) was struck by a vehicle who failed to stop for a red signal light. The early investigation reveals the suspect was impaired by alcohol. The motor officer had no chance as there was no preimpact skid and high speeds involved. The suspect's vehicle and the officers BMW caught fire immediately. The driver of the suspect vehicle fled on foot but was located within two hours.

I knew the officer, so this impacts home. I believe this is this agency's first in the line of duty death. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


I would also like to comment that I know the following comments on this thread will be nothing of support as I have seen in the past on this website. I know at times there are points of discussion involving the law enforcement community on this website. But I have always been impressed of the level of support to law enforcement I have seen here and I just want to know collectively law enforcement appreciates it.

It’s really huge that those of us who have identified ourselves as police officers here. That’s because there is typically support of law enforcement and this community is a group of law abiding citizens. This is one of the reasons I purchased a BMW and chose to be part of this community.

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Unfortunately they are filling up that wall in D.C. too quickly. Fortunately/Unfortunately they designed it to have another whole "level" added to it. We have 4 people going to the Memorial Service from our Honor Guard (not me duty calls). May your friend R.I.P.

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This is a terrible end to a life of service to others. May God be with the fallen officer and with his loved ones. We all lose when someone like this goes down.


I am reminded of that famous Hemminway quote, "Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee".

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bncry.gif I wish I could do, or say something that could truely help.


Our thoughts are with you and with your coworkers family.


And yes, we really do appreciate what our LEOs do for us everyday.

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Wow, what can be said at a time like this. We can all remember a time when law enforcement observed us stretching the limits in the name of fun, or chalenge, or just flat out being in a hurry. Despite how we might have felt at the time we KNEW we were wrong and deep down we were glad someone was watching. You have to respect the people who risk everything to protect and serve.It takes a special kind of person for this work. Its horrible things like this that remind us just how serious that comitement is.


God be with the familes of both perp and vicitim as they will all have to live with the memory of this very costly choice.



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I sorrow greatly for your loss, and for the loss to your community and the department of someone who chose to Serve. Such rents in the fabric of life seem so much more severe to me when it is of people so worthy. He did not have to be there; He chose to be there; He gave every single thing he had in our service.


We all are diminished.

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That is truly horrible news. Please convey all my wishes and support to any and all effected by this heartwrenching tragedy.



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I very much understand your feelings and emotions. It's been almost two years since my next door neighbor, friend and a law enforcement officer was also struck and killed while on his motorcycle (drunk driver as well). It's a senseless loss and a human being whose impact on life and those around them can never be replaced. I see John's son, Travis, almost every day. Such a sad, sad experience.


Accept my condolensces...and yes, I cried bncry.gif




Mike O


P.S. Like you, I posted a similar thread and was overwhelmed at the outpouring of responses I got. I cut and pasted several of them and showed them to John's parents. They were moved, to say the least.

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That is so sad frown.gif My thoughts are with his family.


It will not stop these kind of things, but punishment on alcohol abuse should be a lifelong ban on taking part in any traffic.

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For whatever reason, compassion, relation (my father was a police officer) or mere sadness for death in general, I grieve for the loss to the point of tears as well.


We can take some comfort in the fact that Rob was doing something that he truely loved and enjoyed doing. We can also take comfort in the fact that, due to no obvious signs of avoidance (from what I read), he had no idea of what was about to happen.


R.I.P. bncry.gif

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The Officer Down Memorial Page Remembers . . .




Police Officer I Rob Targosz

Gilbert Police Department


End of Watch: Sunday, April 30, 2006


Biographical Info

Age: 37

Tour of Duty: 12 years

Badge Number: Not available


Incident Details

Cause of Death: Vehicular assault

Date of Incident: Saturday, April 29, 2006

Weapon Used: Automobile; Alcohol involved

Suspect Info: In Custody


Officer Rob Targosz died from injuries received the previous day when his motorcycle was struck by a drunk driver.


Officer Targosz was struck when the other vehicle passed several stopped cars and ran a red light at the intersection of Price Road and Apache Boulevard. After the collision, the driver and a passenger both fled the scene. The driver was later captured and the passenger was taken into custody after returning to the scene.


The officer was taken to Scottsdale Osborne Healthcare Hospital where he died in surgery at approximately 1:30 am.


Officer Targosz had served with the Gilbert Police Department for 12 years. He is survived by his wife.


Agency Contact Information

Gilbert Police Department

75 E. Civic Center Drive

Gilbert, AZ 85296


Phone: (480) 503-6500


* Please contact the agency for funeral information

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The worst thing of all is that the guy who did it seems to have a record of repeated drunken driving..... frown.giffrown.giffrown.gif


So frustrating that our neat society is not able to keep people like that off the streets......


I DO hope the family is being looked after well..... nobody deserves something like this frown.gif

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Why is it that multiple DUI offenders are still driving? confused.gif There is no enforcement of loss of drivers lisc. eek.gif

Look to those countries overseas and you don't see the 'slap-on-the-wrist' mentality for DUI.

There is a HEAVY penality, and they enforce it. thumbsup.gif

In my time on the dept.I came into contact with multiple offenders many times. There was just no follow-up or punishment.

I get the feeling that we will drown in our own vomit. eek.gif In time, that is.

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This is a particularly sad and senseless event. When I followed the link to the article, the picture of his great mug hit me like a cement block. But, why do we see this repeating story where multiple time (not one, or two) offenders end their driving history with something like this. Here in Wisconsin, we see this time and time again. When are we going to learn that to spare guys like this and their families a lifetime of grief, judges are going to have to forget about rehabilitation and put these people away.


Reality dictates that people make mistakes. But, in when it comes to drunken driving, it should be two strikes and you are out. There can be one mistake for us humans, but anyone should learn and have the fear of God of driving drunk ever again. This guy is beyond any possible rehabilitation.

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This is a sobering reminder of the risks of motorcycling. Yes, there is much we can do to reduce the risk to an acceptable level, and for me the many benefits of riding still justify another ride.


As a motorcycle officer, this man was likely a more skilled rider than I ever will be, and it saddens my heart to read of his passing.


My prayers and condolences to his family.



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I live in Chandler, the next town over, and watched the local newscast of this terrible tragedy. My father was a police officer when he was young, and while all drunk-driving accidents are tragic, it is doubly so when it involves selfless individuals serving our community, especially highly skilled motor officers. I have seen first-hand what they are capable of on a motorcycle, and it was a humbling experience. My hat's off to them.


My sincere condolences to Mrs. Targosz, and the rest of the officer's family and his friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I hope that time will bring healing to your hearts.

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Blue Beemer Dude

My sympathies for you and your friend and his family. I for one, try never to criticize any LEO as a generality. You guys and gals put your lives on the line for us every day, and generally are never thanked for your efforts. I've gotten several performance awards and never once did I blame the officer - it wasn't his fault that I got caught, it was mine. dopeslap.gif So I'm not one of those who's going to give him a hard time or be anything other than polite.


And this story should remind us all too to be extra-careful out there. If some useless waste-of-oxygen drunken asswipe can't see a LEO on a brightly colored motorcycle, he's even less likely to see one of us.



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From a young rookie, my condolences. I am still learning to live with "The Badge" and it's stories like this that make it difficult to fully understand why we do what we do.


May his bike run smooth in the "Afterlife".



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please accept my deepest condolences in the loss of your friend.


When my daughter was just a little kid growing up, my wife and I would take her to the Royal Oak, Michigan Police Department on Christmas Eve so she could sing Merry Christmas and give the guys (and girls) working that night some homemade Christmas cookies.


Her biggest thrill was one year when the dispatcher let her call out "Merry Christmas" to all the cops on patrol.


My wife and I often explained to her the important role the Police play in protecting us. She's 16 now and has a deep respect for what y'all do and have to put up with.


I'm sure most of us on the board feel the same way.


Rick G

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Senseless doesn't begin to describe this.


Rest In Peace, Godspeed.


My thoughts and prayers go out the to family left behind.



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My thoughts and prayers are with you, the family and the entire police fraternity......

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Dick was right when he wrote "We all are diminished."


My thoughts and prayers are with all concerned.

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My best wishes, prayers, and regards to a fellow public servant! As a firefighter we share a bond and understanding with our LEOs.


God Speed!

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