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"O" ring


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I have just completed my first vale clearance check. To rotate the engine I chose to use the alternator pulley nut under the front engine cover. To get the cover out I had to remove the small fairing mounting bracket that fits on to the front of the engine with two bolts near to the oil level window. As I removed the bracket a small "O" ring fell onto the workbench, 7mm outside dia and .5mm thick. Has this fallen from one of the mounting bolts (I can find no reference to it in Haynes manual) or may it be a stray "O" ring from something else ?



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Mounting bolt. I use them on all my fairing fastners. I think they come with them but they do tend to disappear over time. They serve as a lock washer for the most part, allowing the friction of the rubber to retain the fastner without having to use excessive torque which might crack the fairing. A good tip for anyone thinking of bolting things to plastic.

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