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PIAA Wiring Connection ?


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Without the excruciating detail, I've got a set of PIAA 1100X's set up on my R1200RT and the wiring harness and the lights are connected with a nice soldered and wrapped connection - which is great until my next service when the side fairings will need to be removed and they will be tethered by this wire - because the EZ mount is connected to the fairing.

Here's what I'm looking for - anyone know where I can find a nice marine grade waterprrof connection plug to attach to the 12 gauge wire so it can plug in nicely and then be unplugged for service (faring removal)? I tried radio shack and they have connectors - but they were fairly cheap and not waterproof - I tried my local marine store and they did not have "pluggable" connections.



PS - If you are curious, I ended up with a set of powersports PIAA 1100X's and a "original" wire harness - same electrical set-up but PIAA changed the wiring harness connection on the Powersports version - I had to cut the non compatible plugs for my connection...

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Use a standard SAE connector, like a trailer wiring plug, only 2 poles. Same type of plug Powerlet uses for their tank bag electrification kit. I've used them for years, no problem with water intrusion.

They usually come as a 12" length with a connector in each end. I cut the length in half, and use 1/2 to go through the body of my Hella lights, putting connectors on that wire, eliminating the stock cnnectors. Then I splice the matching end of the plug onto the cut end of the wiring harness. Tip: Make sure you connect the positive lead on the harness feeding the light to the shrouded side of the SAE connector.

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You are probably looking for something like a Weather-Pak connector.


Google that, and you are sure to find a local distributor.


Here is a vendor that gives pin #'s with wire sizing.




Many on-line vendors sell the connectors without telling you what the wire size rating is.

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