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The official El Paseo Check-in and picture thread


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Since a few folks are headed home tomorrow, I thought I would go ahead and create the check-in and picture thread. Let's try to keep all the Check-in's, Ride Tales and pictures in one thread so it's easier to follow.


We had an absolutely perfect day of riding today (well except for the dirt road I led David and Christine on, big-t didn't mind). The fund raiser cookout was a huge success raising close to $250 for the board.


Looking forward to another great day of riding Saturday and of course the group dinner.


More later..........

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Andy, Burt and I left at 8.00am heading north.Made good time on I 75 . Andy split at Lexington Ky on to I 64 headed to Chicago. Burt and I blasted on and just south of Cinnci a Harley rider from Mich fell in behind us. I split off at Cinnci and the last I saw of Burt and the Harley guy they were headed north at great speed. cool.gif

What a time at El Paseo!! Great roads grin.gif, even greater people. smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

Mark and Christy, WELL DONE!!!!!! thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

I must have had a good time, my rear tire is gone with 1950

miles on it. I don't call M1's fun tires for nothing smirk.gifsmirk.gif

Well back to reality and the honey do list. Lots to do before tomorrow's open house. Hope this house sell's before

Torrey. dopeslap.gif

Remember, Lets be careful out there.

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Did 450 miles today and got home a little while ago. I will post some pics after dinner. Someone must have gone down (or someone needed urgent medical attention) behind me on the Cherahola around 1PM or so, because as I entered the flats of Tellico Plains coming from Robbinsville, all hell broke loose with highway patrol, local cop, and an ambulance flying eastbound up the mountain. Hope it was a non-motorcycle incident. Saw some GSs running hard the other way beforehand. I ran a chunk of the Blue Ridge at around 10AM, had the road to myself. Couple of Harleys on it. Lack of traffic was not what I had expected after overhearing some musing on how crowded it was going to be. The Harley folks in Cherokee were just waking up around then. wink.gif All in all a great day. Pics at 11.

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Got some pics published. Mods, if these put folks to sleep, please edit them.


I arrived at the Holiday Inn Express yesterday at about 18:30 and a gaggle of BMWs was already there.




Front of Hotel...I'd say we ruled the place.




My RT in forground on right side of Hotel. Nice hotel BTW!




Pics of Stretchmark's and Hoontang's rides. Thanks Mark for the work in organizing this.


My route today had me go from Hiawasee, Ga to Highlands, NC to Cashiers, NC to Sylva, NC to Cherokee, NC to Blue Ridge Parkway and then back track, then to Robbinsville, NC, to Cherahola into Tennessee, to Blue Ridge GA, to home. About 450 miles with one hour of slab to northern Atlanta at the end.




Dowtown Highlands, NC at 8:30 or so. I had never been and wanted to check it out.




Rode to Highlands from Clayton, GA area.




A sign like this is better than VIAGRA!




Blue Ridge Parkway welcoming me at 10 AM or so. NO ONE essentially was on it. Maybe I was lucky!
















More BRP, note how the flash picked up the moisture in the tunnel on the BRP that MY naked eye could not see. I had an eary feeling in those tunnels, now I know why.


I swung by my place in Blue Ridge which is only accessable via a few miles of gravel. RT pretending to be a GS. I lucked out in that Fannin County must have just graded the road last week. This is borderline insanity based on my last trip up there on the RT. This is double digit grade uphill in the photo, trust me on that.




Fortunately that problem will soon be solved. thumbsup.gif

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Home in Nashvegas ... horrified at just how many bikes and cars I had to pass to keep "the pace" on my ride this morning. Too much people, mang.

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13 Mehicans standing around looking for work in Highlands alone. I hear ya man. If they can invade Highlands, they can invade anywhere!!

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Get pics, thought I was there. thumbsup.gif even though I wasn't bncry.gif


Didn't see any of Tampa Bay people confused.gif [thought I saw Rich Edward's bike]


Hoped everyone had a great time and they arrive in the same shape as when they left. cool.gif

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Thanks for putting together such an outstanding event. I had a blast. I met some great people, and rode some great roads. Thanks to everyone I met for being so friendly. I had a ride home of just under 800 miles, and got home about 9:30 PM yesterday evening.


It was a lot of fun and great riding, and I'd love to do it again.

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Kenny Haynes

Just back in after a nice ride. Came across Hiawassee Dam and hit the gravel back up to Coker Creek on 68. Thanks to Mark and Christine, David, Jim and Phil, and everyone else for a terrific week end.

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Calvin  (no socks)

I left at 04:00 Sunday arrived home to catch up on chores at 12:30.

Had a blast... thanks for a job well done.

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Pattersons made it home safe and sound. Just a few sprinkles until we made it almost all the way to Birmingham, so everything's fantastic.


Another big thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible and participated...what a great weekend!


CP and Jenn

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EP7 was my inaugural event with the riders of this site. It was fantastic! I was only able to join on Saturday and had the honor of riding some highly skilled motorcyclists.


Thank you to Mark and Christy - this event exceeded all of my expectations, your welcome was greatly appreciated.


To those lurkers wondering if it is worth the trip to join an event: It is! Make plans - do it!


I had an uneventful 2:15 trip home from Hiawassee. I completed most of the the curves during twighlight. Curves at beyond nightfall are not as much fun. I used more of the tires than I expected - they may not last to my 18k service as planned.


Thanks again.

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Back in at 2:30,some drizzle and cold temps on the way,but the event was well worth it.


Kudos to Mark and Christine for great event,they even managed to coax the Blairsville Witch to put in an appearance grin.gifclap.gif

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Left at 0500 after jump starting the @#$&@ truck. Got in at 1300 in time to watch the F-1 race.

Great time, great roads. Saw old friends and got to meet new ones. wave.gif

Looking forward to the fall. thumbsup.gif

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Made it home to the big easy at 1:45pm - left early and had virtually no traffic. Even the weather cooperated which I didn't expect. It was great to see everyone again, especially since I missed last fall's ride.



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Made it to Raleigh--I guess I'm going in the wrong direction. Oh well. I'll keep going east until I hit the Atlantic and then turn around and head home. smile.gif


Thanks to Mark and Christine for organizing this. For you newer folks, we use "organize" pretty losely in that it consists mainly of picking a place and weekend. Not really, though that's what it looks like. There's quite a bit of work behind the scenes, and they did a great job.


A special thanks to Tasker for all his hard work and commitment in grilling all those brats.


A special place in hell for the maker and disributor of all those business cards. I'll bet you didn't realize that not all the riders in that hotel were with our group? I'm sure they were amused when you told them how much their riding sucked. I laughed heartily over that. grin.gif


A special prayer for the seven people who rode my Tuono and are now thinking evil thoughts.


A special high five to the six people who let me ride their bikes. Except for Kenny's, because his bike doesn't really have brakes. I call that front right lever more of a "slowing suggestion device."


A special dope slap to Randy for stopping his group right in the middle of the northbound side of NC-28 where I almost made you into a hood ornament. Do you have any idea at all how difficult it is to stop a KLR from chasing speeds? See above note. tongue.gif


And a special kind nod to all of you for the kindness at the last dinner. I'm appreciative, and it's been a pleasure serving you.

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The RightSpin flotilla docked at 1533hrs with RightSpin III a few minutes later. We had a great time again this year. The greenery in the area was spectacular.


Mark and Christine did an awesome job putting this event together! clap.gif


Other special mentions:


1. Stephen had a really great time. This was a very special event for him, and he'll be back. He felt completely at home.


2. Tasker needs some kind of commemorative napkin for his efforts Friday night.


3. Thanks to our local motocrack dealer for the hit of Tuono.


4. I can still see those dalmatian ears flopping in the wind. grin.gif

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In at 3:30. Rode back down with Randy, his friend Mark, Foot, ChrisK, and Ryan Etheridge. Ran Wolf Pen Gap Road and Blood Mountain, then lunch at TWO on the way to ATL. That old Ducati agrees with me as I did some of the my best riding ever. Great weekend and thanks to Mark and Christine for a great job. Already looking forward to El Paseo VIII in the Fall.

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I'm in with a pretty dirty GS since some of the FS roads had some rain last night thumbsup.gif


I had a great time as always and look forward to the fall gathering clap.gif


David, I may need some "Ridin' Smart Lessuns" for the dirt.

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Made it home in a little over 10 hrs..500 miles...Split with Ken (Senior Ride) little above Franklin Ga, thanks for riding with us Ken. Dropped Michelle in Montgomery to pick up car and Dog Mic.


Had a great time, would like to spend more time with everyone but the riding gets in the way.


Thanks to all that organized this....really look forward to these trips every 6 months.

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In at 5PM. Had a great time. Thanks Mark and Christine for putting this together! Also thanks to all that had a hand in putting together Friday's fundraiser dinner. Also a big thanks to Jake for providing a couple of large coolers full of adult beverage for all of us thirsty rider.

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A special thanks to Tasker for all his hard work and commitment in grilling all those brats.


Funny. tongue.gif


That is the last time that I ever make a commitment to grill anything and then not show up to keep my commitment. The next time someone is broken on the side of the road or hurt on the side of the road, well, screw'em. I sincerely apologize for not keeping my end of the bargain. My priorities have been adjusted.


What the hell was I thinking... wink.giftongue.gifgrin.gif


Home a little after 4:00p this afternoon, a bit under nine hours in total.


Considering what the Weather Channel promised for the ride back to Indy today, Tom Svenstrup and I had a remarkable day. Other than strong wind gusts most of the trip and very cold, driving rain the last hundred miles, most of the day was beautiful -- not a cloud in the sky until the Ohio/Indiana state line, which is par for the course.


Mr. Knapp called me at 5:00p from Crawfordsville, IN when he was taking a food/gas/pee break and all was well in his world, expecting to be back home in about three more hours. On the northwest side of Indy, he was past the rain.


It was great to see everyone again! thumbsup.gif

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I made it in about 3 PM. I hooked up the Charlotte crew and took the long way via the Blue Ridge parkway to Asheville where we all had lunch. Thanks so much to them for letting me tag along.


A special thanks to Mark and Christine for putting it together for us all. I don't ever want them to think that we take it for granted.


A big CONGRADULATIONS to Jake and Peanut on their 10th anniversary!!!! It was pretty farkin cool that they decided to spend it with us!


Oh, and the talk of the event???.....




Mitch has HAIR!!!!


Well, at least I think it was Mitch... eek.giftongue.gifdopeslap.gif



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Joe Frickin' Friday


My hair made it back to Michigan after 10.5 hours on the road. Just a few drops of rain, otherwise great weather all the way back. Will post pics and a ride tale tomorrow.


Had a fantastic time, both on and off the bike. Thank you, Mark and Christine, for setting this weekend up, and to all others for their supporting roles. Todd, thanks for the brewskies; I will even the score next time. thumbsup.gif


And a very special thanks to all you kind folks who let this degenerate motoslut ride your bikes around the block; your trust was greatly appreciated. clap.gif

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In at 5:00pm rode with Randy and Ryan Etheridge, Andy, Mark, and ChrisK, . Ran Wolf Pen Gap Road and had lunch at TWO. Then headed back through Telico Plains and west to the Cumberland Plateau.


Specail thanks to Mitch for waiting for my sorry butt and each of the next turns.


What a great bunch of riders this weekend. Hope we can do it again soon!



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Charlotte crew IN @ 5:30 pm, give or take. We had a wide range of temps, dipping to mid-30s at the top of the BRP, to mid-60s close to home.


Shawn, welcome to SE USA. Enjoyed riding with you. You can join us anytime (Hope that hi-viz yellow gets a bit more dirt -- the damn thing was blinding me every time I checked my mirrors!).


The newbies who accompanied us all handled the technicals well -- especially Sheron who worried a lot, but did her thing and improved greatly over the weekend. Ten mph swithbacks are hard for everyone! Great to have another female rider in the group -- especially one on a GS.


Mark and Christine, great job on the organization. The only way it comes off looking like there is no organization is from the hard work you put into everything. And thanks again for the comments at dinner last night. Great humor and a well deserved mini-roasting for David.


Kinsley -- thanks for the routes -- they were awesome! Maybe one of these events I'll get a chance to ride with you and Mitch.


Nice to see everyone again, and enjoyed meeting many new riders and putting faces with board names. See you all at EP VIII.



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Made it back to Calabash around 3pm. Great time, great folks, can't wait til October. Oh, who left their beer in my cooler?



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Hoontang & StretchMark in safely. The weather held out for another Richard B. Russell & 129 run in the morning capping off a wonderful weekend!


No grumpy folks here!



Chiefus Moonus Shinus stopped by early in the evening. I heard it was pretty good ;)



The High Viz Rectangles seem to stand out more than the beautiful scenery ;)



Now, just the waterfall (off 28 going to Highlands, just after Warwoman Rd.).



Andy fires up is new toy so we can listen to the….clutch!



Many thanks to CalabashRT (John) for preparing and running the poolside “Friday Night Brats”. Thanks to all making the $5/plate contribution to cover costs and give the well-deserved ST site (that brings us all together!) a $265 donation!



A special thanks to all 3 “Steve Foote’s” – generation #2 for bringing extra grills; generation #1 for transporting the cake; generation #3 for just being there—making the smiles on your family’s faces bigger than usual!!




Yes, I’d recommend a little dirt in everyone’s ride plan ;)



Mark-recapping the weekend and giving DAVID BAKER much deserved recognition for his phenomenal commitment to the discussion board, it’s members, and a million related events! I must say it again, “You are a truly amazing individual, David”!



A custom photo cake seemed just right for this occasion.



El Paseo was a great success in my book-as I met new folks, caught up with old friends, and watched couples and families enjoying a wonderful weekend!!!

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Got in about 10 this morning. Napped. Got up. Ate with the Skillet. Went to Time Warp for Moto GP. (Will not spoil it for any who've not seen it)


Stellar hang as usual.


Here's what I came home with:


Jim sent me this. I owe anything I'm doing right to the guy whose card was in the elevator obstructing the license and safety stuff. (Johnboy will of course note that I'm turning right-I'm almost there going the other way I promise)




Someone noted how you could see how spring is arriving at the different elevations on the Cherohala. Here's evidence:




Just an awful day to be riding (Friday)




The obligitory "I'll have to keep this at work to remind me why I'm doing this" shot.




Saw a snake!




There was a whole nest of em'!!




Shot from the Bridge @ the intersection of 315 and 30 @ Reliance. (Actually trying to de-compress after chasing some nut with Knobby tires on a Green KLR)




Looking over the rafting center.




If you've never been here ask Kenny how to get here. It's BIG fun. (note heat waves rising from KLR as it cools from re-entry)




Saturday Jim and I ventured to TWO for lunch. There we encounted the Foote posse trying to thaw out. We had a very nice lunch and then proceded to ride out 60 for quite a ways...


Bit too chilly to sit outside but a lovely view nonetheless.




Typical Saturday BEFORE the lunch rush! (we timed it just right!)




After leaving 60 Jim discovers the joys of using "old" routes in a "new" GPS unit. I didn't want to follow m'self.




Fresh back from shaming squids into submission everywhere!




My vote for "coolest bike" to show up. Welcome back to the cult Andy!!




Off to dinner!


Steve Foote practices the "First Bounce" or "5 second" rule. I can't remember which he invoked.....




This man was REALLY focused on the game!




And last but certainly not least....


This man showed me the double secret ADV greeting!




Once again, it was, as Jim said on the way home: "A Legendary Weekend". Amazing riding, amazing friends. Thanks to all who showed up and amused me to no end!


David, once again, THANK YOU for the gift of your time, knowledge, humor and patience. You epitomize class pal.

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Les is more

Looks like a wonderful time!! Sorry we couldn't make this one.


I got your donation today. You all ROCK!!!!


Thank you. thumbsup.gif

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what a blast..


7:50 of ride time, 475 miles, left at 0700. glad to have the gerbings this morning as I got wet going up the BRP into asheville. thanks calabash for the brats, stretchmark et al for all the effort for the event. Saw some GREAT riding in the twisties (when I could see the dudes I rode with on Saturday), thanks brian for the great friday ride and Jim for leading up and down 215 to the BRP.

hope to catch you all again in the fall...


nice to attach some faces and personalities to the handles on the board

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David, once again, THANK YOU for the gift of your time, knowledge, humor and patience. You epitomize class pal.


Seeing a pix like that is reward enough! smile.gif What changes you've made as a rider! thumbsup.gif


And thanks to you and Jim for the urine/vodka combo, or whatever that was. tongue.gif

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Thanks Christine and Mark for making EP a success for all of us enjoy. I had a great time and even got to run with big Dawgs on saturday! I left about 9:30 am cause I had to be back for a ballgame but the ST wouldn't go home directly it took me on RR and Wolfe Pen and down 60. Finally I got her under control and I got back around 1 pm.

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Husker Red

Made it back early this afternoon. Had a great time. I think my favorite part was the Blue Ridge Parkway. Beautiful with the different levels of spring arriving to higher altitude.

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Arrived home at 4 from another really fun weekend.

Thanks Mark for setting it up. Ran late on Saturday's ride so I wasn't able to make it to the dinner to thank you in person.

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone! I hope everyone had as great of a time as I did.


Sorry for some of the dinner confusion about drinks and tips. frown.gif


A few more pics from the weekend:


Hoontang looking through the turn on the Cherohala....ok, ok...she was getting off her bike.





David saying this isn't exactly what he had in mind for a break-in ride:



Itchybro telling us about some dude who constructed an alien footprint in his yard grin.gif



Talking with Knappy and Raaan about pork products and sewer linings:



nik, nik, nik, nik, nik, nik, nik - Swamp



big-t takes a ride on the Tuono.

In your best big-t voice, "Well...she's broke in now" grin.gif




and now for something completely different....

Stay tuned for the official Fall El Paseo announcement at


Fall Creek Falls State Park in Pikeville, TN Oct 13-15, 2006

Fell Creek Falls State Park link - click here



Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park is one of the most scenic and spectacular recreation areas in America. Its waterfalls, cascades, sparkling streams, gorges, timberland and an unmatched variety of recreation facilities and activities have made it one of the most popular parks in the Southeast. Fall Creek Falls is one of the highest waterfalls east of the Rocky Mountains, plunging 256 feet into a shaded pool at the base of its gorge. The park's other falls, (Piney, Cane Creek and Cane Creek Cascades), though smaller, are just as impressive.





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Made it home safe and sound @ 8:30 tonight. ~13hrs, not bad, stopped for gas a few times and that one McD's stop. Not much rain either.


It was a GREAT weekend. Thanks to all who helped get Drew moving ("I was helped by the GWRRA"), checked out, and home.


Jon and Mason rode mostly back roads yesterday to London, KY and got into Chicago today ~1pm. All rain today, but they survived. This was by far their longest trip ever. They were both amazed at how wonderful the area is and are looking forward to visiting again. To top it off, Jon has a new standard of "crazy," Jake.


Sorry for any and all I didn't say goodbye to this morning. I was in something of a bad funk for a few dozen reasons. Nothing like a full day on a bike to clear your head and put things in order.


Got home and David was all smiles and giggles. I'm sure it was gas, but for now I'm going to pretend he was just happy to see me. smile.gif

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I figured itchybro and I were in for a slab ride when I told the GPS to take us home to Knoxville the fastest way. I was barely awake when I realized she had decided 129 all the way was the fastest. So there we were at Deal's Gap (again) at 8:30 on a Sunday morning. Turns out that was a great time to be there, as the squids weren't up yet.


I got in, changed, jumped in the cage and carried my daughter and friend to a concert in Atlanta. Just back from that (3:30 a.m.)


I can't speak much about the weekend without getting corny. Truly extraordinary. Great friends, great weather, great roads, and a door-to-door visit from the Blairsville Witch. Can't ask for much more than that! (Well, there IS that itchybro translation module for my FRS....).


I'll post some pics tomorrow.

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The torture of the pictures and write-ups. I missed a great one again bncry.gifbncry.gif


Hopefully I can make the fall one.


Sounds like you all had a great time.


The Foote clan was neet to see.


Glad all were safe.

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Beth and I got home yesterday afternoon.

Chuck and Dennis rode with us to Forsythe where we left the slab. Just over 2 hours from Hiawasee to south of Atlanta.

Rich Edwards and Bob Foley rode to Tallahassee, stayed over, and split for home today.

We had a great time. The weather was fabulous, the riding outstanding. Riding two up presents different challenges and rewards. I feel like my skills have improved and there were times we rode for miles with everything clicking just right. Wish we had more opportunity on roads like these.


Thank you isn't sufficient to express how we feel.

El Paseo started as an idea with uncertainty as its middle name. It didn't have a number after it when it first took place. Strangers became riding partners and friends.

With EP II the participation and fun grew substantially as friends became reacquainted and roads were revisited. The lies became bigger, the cigars better, and the ride home somewhat melancholy.

III, IV, V, VI, rolled through different venues and added more riders to the menagerie.

The tales were shared and what may have elicited disbelief at EP I brought knowing nods from the assembled participants.

Throughout the saga a few people have been the stalwarts who unintentionally unarrange and unorganize the unevent.

They people are unknown by one and all.

Thank you for all each of you did, and will do, to unknowingly create the best get together possible.

The smiling faces and friendly waves make everyone feel at home.

Looking forward to next time.

It should be un believable too. thumbsup.gif

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I left Sunday morning at little after 8am EDT, heading west on 64 through Cherokee National Forest, which was icing on the cake for a wonderful weekend of riding that blew this Illinoisian away in his inaugural riding in the mountains. It was a bit chilly and I was quite appreciative of heated grips, so much so, I kept musing to myself about how I'd love to meet the person who invented them and shake their hand with my warm hand. cool.gif Seeing how the rain was covering the midwest on the radar, I chose the northwest route up through Nashville hoping I'd slide around the backside of the front by the time I arrived in Illinois. Seeing David in the parking lot before we both left, he said, "Ride safe" and I explained the hope of my chosen route. "Keep telling yourself that," he encouraged me with a smug, mischievious grin. What a guy! grin.gif That was my mantra for the whole day, hitting only small showers in Chattanooga and Nashville, and from there it was all dry. Until Champaign, IL, where a storm blew up out of nowhere with 45mph winds and rain whipping me around. The trees on the side of the road were literally spinning in circles. I felt I could have literally touched the tractor-trailer I was almost blown into. Needless to say, at the next exit, I got off of the slab for a 30-minute stop to let it blow over, contemplated stopping for the night, but with less than two hours to home, proceeded on my way to ride the last hour in complete darkness and rain with the spit from the cars in front of me allowing me to be thankful for the rubber visor-wiper on the index finger of my left glove. Rolled in the driveway at 9pm CDT, 767 miles and 14 hours from Hiawassee. After nine days and 2,843 miles on the road, I had some dinner and promptly hit the hay for some quality sleep in my own bed. It was one of those times when you fall asleep just before your head hits the pillow. I barely remember going to bed. smirk.gif


I had a blast this weekend at my first BMWST.com event, meeting a lot of you and putting faces with the usernames and words. All of you were a great welcome to the end of my vacation on my first big long-distance touring ride that lasted more than a few days. Some thanks go out to Chris (lawnchairboy) for a great ride on Friday through the mayhem of Deal's Gap behind a gaggle of GoldWings with a pack of sportbikes on our tail, to the Cherohala, where I enjoyed myself much more with its wide-open panoramic vistas and winding tarmac sweepers. Sorry for keeping you "disciplined" when I was leading (it might be a good idea to check my brake pads this week!). Great job on the brats on Friday go out to John (CalabashRT). You were working that grill like a pro! Thanks to John R and Ruth at dinner on Saturday night for welcoming me to their table (late) for a lot of great talk and greater laughs.


And a special pat on the back and hearty thank you to Mark and Christine for all your hard work, preparation and hospitality for organizing this event. It was great to finally meet the both of you after all these years! You felt like old friends. That's the beauty of this board and these events. Next time, I won't forget the Cabo, Mark, I promise. crazy.gif


See you all next time! wave.gif


P.S. If anyone looks through my photos from the parking lot and the cookout and sees themselves or others they would like to identify, just shoot me a PM with the picture number with name (username) for the caption. It's always nice to identify people I may have met or saw and didn't realize who you were on the board. Thanks!

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Joe Frickin' Friday
P.S. If anyone looks through my photos from the parking lot and the cookout and sees themselves or others they would like to identify, just shoot me a PM with the picture number with name (username) for the caption. It's always nice to identify people I may have met or saw and didn't realize who you were on the board. Thanks!


What are YOU lookin' at? eek.gif





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Bob Foley

I just got in after staying over at Tim and Beth's last night. What a great event! Everyone that I spoke with was really happy to be there. Thanks to Mark and Hoontang for all their efforts. One of the best organized rides I have had the pleasure to attend. clap.gif

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