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WTB - Givi Tanklock bag-side connector, or used/retired bag

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Hello BMWSTers!


I'm looking for the BAG-side parts for the Givi Tanklock system. I have the bike-side parts on a couple of bikes, and I want to covert my favorite small tankbag to a Tanklock. 


The part I need is ZT480R but no one seems to stock it in the US. I can order one from Europe for not a too much dough, but I thought I'd try posting here first just in case (and because I'm cheap!). If for some reason you have this part sitting around and would like to sell it to me, please let me know.




Alternatively, if you have a "retired" tanklock bag  (worn out fabric, failed zippers, your kid puked in it....whatever!) that I could harvest the part from, that'd be great too!


Here's what it looks like on the bag:









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Still hunting...got lots of time to play with this while I'm sheltering in place...

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