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Motoscan for iOS?


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Corazon de Pollo

I don't think there's anything but GS911 available for iOS, unfortunately.

If you plan to use it only at home Motoscan installed on a 7" Android tablet is probably the cheapest option.

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And the iOS version of GS911 has less functionality than the Windows version.  I have a MacBook Pro on which I installed "Parallels" so that I can swap between Windows and iOS.  I use Win10 for running my GS911.  The only gotcha is that each time I hook it up I need to tell Parallels to connect the USB to "Hex Code" which is the name of the company that makes the GS911.  Then, it works fine, and has all the functions.


For those of us with a NAV 5 or NAV 6, I will say that the iOS version of Basecamp route planning software is MUCH easier to use than the Windows version.  Being able to swap operating systems is the best of both worlds.



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Another idea - you can buy a "Blu" phone on Amazon for about $40 that runs Android OS and install the motoscan on it.  That way you don't have to spend all that money on GS911 to reset your service light.

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