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Schuberth C-2


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Anyone here ride with a Schuberth C-2 ? I'm interested in this helmet because it's supposed to be very quiet, however, I've also heard it's heavy and very large. I don't have a dealer near me where I could look at one, so I will be ordering sight unseen off the net. I currently use a Caburg Justissimo as my main helmet and I really like the built-in drop-down sun visor (like the Schuberth) but It is a bit noisy so this is why I'm interested in the C-2. However, the Schuberth is mighty pricy so if it's very large and heavy as I have been told I may want to reconsider. If anyone out there uses a C2 I would like to get your opinion of it before I do damage to my Visa card.



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Schuberth helmets are heavy. Ear plugs take care of the noise. Behind the barn door that is the RT fairing you should be fine. I do wish someone else would do a similar sun visor. Note to Shoei!!! I would never by a helmet that I couldn't wear for 15-20 minutes to check fit. Schuberths are sized funny so be warned.

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I've got one, had it since January or so. (Maybe 1,500 miles?)


It's very snug...takes a while to break in.

Chin-bar is very close to chin.

I like the sun-shade, especially now that my sunglasses broke.

Ventilation is almost too good at times, but on cool rainy days, the wind-shield gets fogged up.

Noise: When I stand up (in the clean airflow) it's pretty quiet. Sitting down, behind the buffeting from the RT windshield, it's much noisier. I need to cut my shield down.

Flip-up: Single handed operation to open, works pretty well for me. Closing- definitive clicking, along w/ indicators in the chinbar, so you *know* it's latched.

Vents: Top vent seems to flow air quite well across the "thinning" area on top of my head, although I haven't had much opportunity for using it, so it's still very stiff to move.

Front/chin vent: Does a pretty good job of keeping air on my face, and clearing the windshield..again, being in the windy zone on the RT affects this. I've found myself opening/closing a lot to keep visibility on rainy/humid days, and trying to keep my nose warm.

Rain: I'm not completely happy here, but I'm not sure where the problem is. I feel as if I'm getting a lot of rain-drops on the inside of the shield, but I don't know if that's due to a bad seal at the top of the face-shield, or if it's because of the RT aerodynamics. I do wish the first stop in opening the face-shield was about 1/2" smaller.

Comfort: It's been working for me, but the longest I've had it on has only been <2 hours at a stretch.

Glasses: I've worn it w/ both regular and sunglassses, been quite happy with it.

Other: I like the fact that there's an externally visible compartment which has instructions for EMS folks on how to *safely* remove the helmet.

It's fairly heavy, but I'm used to the System 3, so I don't find it bothersome.

Cold: It worked pretty well for me in the cold (high 20's)...just enough wind (behind the fairing) to keep the shield clear, and warm enough so I didn't bother w/ the balaclava.

Electrics: I don't have any headphones in the helmet, but I like that Autocom provides specific & detailed instructions for how to install their equipment in this helmet. The Schuberth Bluetooth equipment (coming this summer) will be designed to fit in to the C-@ as well. :D


Would I buy another?



Info: 2005 Schuberth C-2, white, size L-7+3/8-59. Paid $480(? or thereabouts)

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I've got the C1 and a C2. I didn't think of them as heavy until I read about it. I've not found it to be a problem. I've done several 1000+ days with my C1 with no problem. I did have to "compress" the hard foam in the forhead area originally to get the fit perfect but once done, it has been fine. I really like the "city" mode of the shield where you can pop the shield out about 1/16 inch on both top and bottom to keep the shield from fogging when going real slow. This works great but at speed is quite noisy. I found the seals were excellent and the helmet was quite warm in the winter. I'd buy another one in a heart beat.

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I'm next in line for the C-2. My local BMW has been waiting all week for a new shipment from Schuberth. A silver XL has my name on it.thumbsup.gif I can hardly wait as my Nolan seemed to fall off my seat on the Copper Canyon trip 6 weeks ago and got destroyed.

as they say ...... Details at 11

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Bought a Schuberth CX-2, rode with it home and brought it back. C-2's are definately sized "funny" (read as in tend- to-run-small).


Replaced it with an Italian-made "Caberg" helmet (original company name was "Jarrow").


Similar characteristics: quick-release chin strap, flip-down sun visor behind face shield, flip-up front, etc...


About half the cost of a C-2. Biggest plus for me was fit, biggest drawback is not as well ventilated. No choice in my case because of size issues but you might want to check it out. Any trouble finding a Caberg/Jarrow just drop me an e-mail. No affiliation, etc... Good luck,



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I have the C2 and love it. It is the only full face/flip up I have owned so I can't make comparisons. I just did a 7 hr day on my R1200ST. Started at 32 degrees and ended about 60 some degrees. I find it comfortable, still fumbling with the buckle system but not anywhere near as much as D rings. There is wind noise over 50 but after 100 I seem not to notice. I haven't tried ear plugs although I have them. Seems pretty insulated inside the C2, don't know if I really want to shut off anymore of the outside world. Also if I tip my head back the wind noise lets up a lot, maybe I need some adjustments?

As far as heavy I don't notice it at all it is very well balanced and not much wind drag. I can move my head around with no ill effects from wind. The sun shade is the greatest, very easy to flip up and down as you go through dark to light areas. It is big, I do look like some freakin' astronut but I'd definately buy another. By the way they are $450 on line and some one had a promotion with either a $20 or $30 discount from there. I am not discouraging you from spending more at your dealer-there you get to try it on and get the right size.


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I have just become a C2 owner after months, no years of contemplation!


Initial thoughts after only 4 days use commuting 25 miles to work round trips.


*The weight is no issue at all as far as I'm concerned.

*Superb aerodynamics, no lift or shaking (but I've only worn it whilst riding the R850r without the screen).

*Ventilation is excellent, much better than my Shoei.

*It's quieter than my Shoei, which was a quiet helmet anyway.

*The fit, ah! Beware. The difference between the fit with the chin bar up and chin bar down is quite noticeable. I am finding that the chin bar causes the cheek pads to press in a little more and the curtain around the left side of my neck is very snug, enough to be uncomfortable after the first 30 minutes of use. I am paying more attention to making sure that the material at my neck is not rucked or folded and there is an improvement. I am hoping that the new shoes syndrome will eventually work; I guess either the helmet gives a bit or my neck gets used to it! If not I've got a very expensive ornament...

*I'm not using earplugs at the moment because I am finding the pressure excerted on my neck by the curtain in combination with plugs is quite dis-orientating (and I've been using earplugs for over 25 years)


More to follow when I've done more days/miles/fairing combinations.






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I bought a C2 earlier this year, and like it so much that I bought a second one from a guy on another BBS who couldn't get the right fit out of it. With that said, and to address your questions:


1) Fit is an issue for some/many. You have to try these on and wear them for a little while in the store to make sure it is correctly shaped for your head.

2) The one I bought new via mail order fit much tigher than the one I wore in the store. I was very concerned, but then found that it broke in quickly (about a week of daily use).

3) As said above, chinbar is closer to your chin than with some other helmets. Does give me a little more concern when riding off-road, but I will probably get a (cheaper) helmet for off-road use.

4) Sun visor (internal) is a GREAT FEATURE.

5) I wore mine through my winter commutes, and never had fogging issues. I love the way that the shield can either be pushed in for a full seal, or pulled out for more venting. Don't have to open it up to get more airflow through, but when pulled out it is much noisier inside.

6) The C2 is the first "aerodynamic" helmet I have ever had, and this has led to some issues for me. Depending on my bike and which windscreen I used (especially on the GS), the combination resulted in some high frequency buffetting/vibration. This is especially true if you have the shield cracked open. But I can minimize it to gone/nearly gone with adjusting the windscreen position on the LT or the RT-P, and I ended using a different windscreen on the GS to stop it.

7) I wouldn't say that the C2 is ultra quiet by itself. I am either using earplugs or Etymotic earphones on long rides.

8) Absolutely excellent build quality.


Hope this helps,


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Dave Bone



I have a c1 also how or what did you do to make that forehead comfortable? I ended up putting it on my garage shelf and bought a shoel for comfort. But i prefer the c1 for the features?

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I have a schuberth C2 and love it. I see some complaints about fit here. Fit is a personal thing depending on the shape of your head etc. For me an XL schuberth is a perfect fit. I had to go one size larger than normal (I usually take a large). I have four other helemets, two Arais, a shoei and an HJC. The schuberth is, in my view, the best of the bunch especially for touring. It is heavier than the others but this weight seems to disappear with use. The weight has never been an issue even on long days.


The sun shade is a really great feature that I use all the time. When riding back roads when the sun is low I flip it up and down as I go in out of shadowed areas. The ventilation is top notch.


The helmet seals well causing some fogging on cold days. Interestingly enough though it doesn't fog as badly as my HJC flip up which has a big gap at the chin.


In terms of noise it is pretty good and at least as good as my other helmets (and better than the HJC flip up).


The eye port on the schubert is bigger than most helmets which is a real plus. With a standard full face helmet the chin bar blocked a lot of my view. Of course for an even bigger picture you can swing the chin bar up.


The mechanism to open and close the helmet is a bit fiddly in my view and no where near as easy to use as the HJC mechanism. However the Schuberth latches are steel and the HJC uses plastic. I expect that the Schubert is much less likely to pop open in a crash.


One interesting feature is that the Schubert is DOT and european standard only (no Snell)- at least the one I bought in Canada is like that. There is a controversy started by one of the bike mags over whether the Snell rating causes a helemet to transfser more force to the head than the European standard. If you fall into the camp that believes the Snell rating is flawed then this is a good choice.


One thing I am not so keen on is the seat belt style chin strap. It is supposed to be easier and faster but I find it a bit fiddly and annoying.

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Dave, I just lifted the foam padding away from the front styrofoam then used a rounded small piece of wood and a mallet to compress the firm styrofoam a little in the area where I was getting pressure. This solved the problem for me. I haven't found this to be required with the same size C2.

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Schuberth helmets are heavy. Ear plugs take care of the noise. Behind the barn door that is the RT fairing you should be fine. I do wish someone else would do a similar sun visor. Note to Shoei!!! I would never by a helmet that I couldn't wear for 15-20 minutes to check fit. Schuberths are sized funny so be warned.


I agree 100% with every one of these points. FWIW, I fit an XL Shoei and a 2XL Schuberth. Love the visor and the helmet. Behind the RT windshield, and wearing earplugs (habit), there's much less difference in noise level than if riding a naked or sport bike.



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