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Filling up the calendar.....

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Operating under the adages that (a)it's never too soon to plan motorcycle rides, & (b) ride 'em while you can, I'm working on filling the calendar with two-wheel adventures.  But with the BMW RT; the Honda dual sport; and the Miata... and the 3 club's outings, I'm struggling to keep up with scheduling.  What a great problem to have!

  • START is on the calendar and booked;
  • Loose plans are shaping up for a dual sport ride in the summer on part of the "transamtrail".
  • Monthly Miata Drive-Outs.
  • My sister and brother-in-law are coming from California for a week of riding in the Smokies...REALLY looking forward to that early September.
  • FART is on the front burner.
  • And there's always the 200-300 mile day rides on the "road less travelled".

Did I mention that LIFE IS GOOD?!  

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Wow, that's a good looking year you're putting together!!!

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