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EarPeace Motorsport Ear Plugs Review

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Published in: Gear

EarPeace Motorsport Ear Plugs

Braaap, the sound of being on the throttle, the wind in your face, that visceral feeling of adventure on two wheels. It’s something we all love, but there is a dark side to that sound—it can ruin your hearing.

EarPeace EarPlugsAdventure riders know about wearing protective gear, but one of the things that’s often overlooked is hearing protection. I had expensive custom ear plugs that have disappeared in the many moves I’ve made over the last few years, so the inexpensive foam ear plugs have been my norm. Enter EarPeace, a medical grade silicon ear plug that has three different sets of precisely engineered inserts that control the level of sound making it to your ear.

The inserts are easily changed out depending on the amount of noise you desire. The EarPeace is comes with a machined aluminum case which fits easily into your pocket or tank-bag. I’ve logged over 1,000 km of highway, secondary and off-road sections with mine. They’re comfortable, as comfortable as my custom earplugs were, and after testing each set of inserts, I found the best compromise was the “clear” insert, which is designated as a medium level of protection.

It allowed me clarity of music and conversations via our Sena Bluetooth communicators, but kept road noise to a reasonable level. The “red” or high level of protection was even quieter, but diminished sound too much for my liking. The “black” maximum protection insert was super quiet, which was okay, yet still allowed some clarity of conversation. Changing out the inserts is an easy job, but those with big hands might see the insert getting dropped. I quickly learned that changing them out on a table mitigated the loss of an insert if my fingers lost grip.

The foam earplugs I would normally use, stick out of my ear, and they also tend to dry out the ear. They’re also uncomfortable after a long day of riding. With the EarPeace I was surprised at how comfortable they were.

What do you get for your $24.95? High-quality hearing protection with the option of adjusting sound levels to your ear, a billet carrying case, and all day comfort. All keeping your ears safe while visiting the Temple of Brap that comes with ADV riding! Sound protection for peace of mind.

MSRP: $24.95


• All day comfortable
• Easily changed out high fidelity inserts
• Trick billet carrying cash
• One extra EarPeace ear plug


• More expensive than foam ear plugs
• Inserts can be dropped easily


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