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Wunderlich low seat


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Does anybody have Wunderlich low seat on their R1150RT,is it lower then the BMW low seat and if so by how much. Also is it comfortable.

Thanks Joe.

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I've had one for about a month or so. I haven't been on any long trips yet but here are my observations so far.


It is lower than the stock seat. On the center stand, (the bike wouldn't stand up by itself, I tried) with the seat in the lowest position, 33 inches for the Wunderlich and 34 inches for the stock seat, plus the front seems to be a bit narrower which helps. I use some homemade set jacks to prop up the front. It seems firmer than the stock seat also.


I think if I had paid $500 (the going retail price), I would be a tad unhappy, but I got mine on eBay for a lot less. They do show up there from time to time. I have not tried any of the other aftermarket seats, Corbin, Russell, etc, so I can't comment on those.


Overall I am happy with it.


Here are a couple of pics from the back that hopefully will show how the front is slimmer.








Hope this helps.



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I got one, love it, it is lower than stock but not by much, bought mine for $400 (OUCH!)and if I had to pay 500 I would put some work into the stock seat via slope modifications etc. $500 is a crazy price for that. frown.gif



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I've got mine almsot 6 months already. Have done two trips with it plus the everyday commute 70+ kms. I am happy with the wunderlich low seat, eventhough I haven't try any other except the stock BMW seat. Yes it is lower than the stock 4 cms. Before purchasing the wunderlich seat I tried to modify the stock seat, by removing some of the foam inside. The result was succesful, and I think at the end it was lowered more than 4cms!! but to tell you the truth didn;t feel very comfortable after the first 50 kms. Now with the wunderlich low seat comfort is no issue !!!!

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Got one, love it, have 28,000+ miles on it. I've never had a problem. I've been on it all day for up to a week straight, never had a problem. It is lower than stock by perhaps an inch but the ticket it that on the low seating the seat isn't tilted forward like the stock seat. You sit into this seat and it kind of craddles you.


It makes such a difference to me I actually shipped it out to Calif. when I rented an R1150RT.

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