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Been using a HJC Symax(flip-up type)for a year now and just replaced it with a Nolan N102 (flip-up). Here are the diffferences noted:


1. The Nolan is 20-30% quieter than the Symax. In a fully exposed position (windscreen all the way down) the Symax requires ear protection after about 25 mph. The Nolan is good up to about 45 mph.


2. The Nolan has the flip down sun shade and it works quite well. I wish it was about 1/2" lower than it is as it cuts into the bottom 1/3rd of the vision area.


3. Both are about equal in comfort on my noggin. The Nolan has a little more padding.


4. The forward "push" (pushing the rider towards the handlebars) at speed is not near as pronounced with the Nolan as with the Symax.


5. The Symax has better venting. There seems to be better air flow to the face.


6. The Nolan face shield cuts down a LOT of noise. Barely cracking it open yields a big increase in sound.


7. The Nolan flip-up actuator is more fool-proof than the Symax. It only takes one hand to open it, but 2 mechanisms have to be opened rather than just one with the Symax. It therefore is unlikely to open in an accident (my opinion only).


8. The Symax uses a "D-ring" chin strap, and the Nolan an insert tab. I prefer the D-ring as you can adjust it while riding if you need to. I wouldn't want to with the Nolan as it could come unbuckled.


9. Both fit in my R1100RT side cases. The Nolan is slightly wider and harder to get in the case (size Medium helmet.


Cost for both was about the same. The symax was $225.00 last year, and this Nolan was $233.95 with free shipping. It was on sale for $350.00 at my local "superstore" eek.gif


Also, just got a Big Mak Tank Bag. Quality seems good. No complaints, except I got the Water Bottle option and it sags to the tank with a bottle in it (read: scratches on the paint). Other than that,it mounts very easy (just have the right size "torx" in your box). It has the great flip-up capability for refueling.

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I just (one week ago) got a new N102 also and would add these comments. My comparison is to a HJC CL14 (non flip chin bar)


1. noise, I would say about the same, maybe the Nolan is slightly louder.


2. vps system (sun shade), I also like it a lot. I wear prescription eye glasses and have prescription sunglasses, since I started with the N102, I have not used my prescription sunglasses. I find that the position of the helmet is lower on my forehead too.


3. agreed on comfort. both good, no comfort complaints with either. Nolan has a nicer liner however.


4. forward push, I think about the same in my case. I didn't have an expectation that a different helmet would do anything different on this issue.


5. venting, the nolan has lots better venting over my old HJC, I notice it especially in the face. I think the vents are harder to open and close with the nolan with a thick winter glove than the HJC, with a thinner glove about the same.


6. visor - I again needed the manual in order to remove the visor on the nolan. now that I have done it once, I can do it in minutes without the manual. I find I have better periphrial vision in the Nolan (it must be wider?)


7. release system, this is my first flip front. I had to read the manual to figure out the second relese the first time.


8. chin strap - I like both for different reasons. as mentioned I would not dare adjust while riding with the nolan.


9. I have not tried to get it into my case yet. mine is XL size


10. fogging - The nolan comes with an insert on the visor (why I removed mine the first time) for fogging. its basically a visor that installs inside the visor, you have two layers. I find the fogging is improved (improved a lot) over the HJC but not elimenated on cold mornings.


11. price, I got mine on sale at a local store (had to order in my size) for $255. My HJC CL14 cost $120 one year ago.


overall impressions are that I like the Nolan, I can tell its a more expensive helmet in the mid line vs lower level line. The Nolan seems a little "techie" oriented and sort of looks storm trooper'sh. Its a keeper for me.





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