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Step Ramp SR-B5 (5 Step Ramp) Review

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Published in: Gear

Step Ramp Review intro

How many times have you tried to load your bike with two ramps, one for the bike and another to walk beside the bike? We’ve all been there numerous times and know all too well how frustrating it can be.

The folks at Step Ramp have come to our rescue with the all-in-one ramp that includes steps to make the task a breeze. The concept is simple: make a one-piece loading device that combines the ramp and stairs and which folds for easy transport in any standard truck bed.

Step Ramp is constructed of heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum with knurled high-traction rungs on the stairs for a usable grip even when wet. The unit measures 72 inches long by 33 wide in the open and ready-to-use mode. The stairs are strong, but the gap between is relatively wide and requires some visual checking until you get accustomed to it. Adding a thin wire mesh between the steps would allow some tactile feedback without having to look or guess. All in all, a minor complaint for a solid product.

Rated weight for the Step Ramp is 500 lb. so it won’t work well for large bikes or bikes with low clearance. When folded up and stashed, it’s only 16.5 inches wide and doesn’t take up much space. And it weighs a manageable 32 lb., so you can keep the teenagers busy loading bikes!

We have used the Step Ramp for various loading duties and it’s become our basic go-to ramp solution for small and mid-sized bikes. It’s super easy to use and stow in the shop or the back of the truck. Don’t let it out of your sight, because your friends will want to walk away with it.


MSRP: $399

Step Ramp Review


• Strong and super easy to use.

• Stows easily both in truck or shop.


• A little pricey.

• Only one length.


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