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Anyone using or used a Tourmaster Advanced jacket?


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I've had a "sport" length one for about a year now. I'd give it an overall grade of A-.


Pluses: fits great, sleeves are long enoungh for my monkey arms, waterproof, lots of storage, effective liner, and I feel safe wearing it (good materials and armor)


Minuses: collar doesn't fit snug enough, tends to "inflate" at high speeds if I have all of the vents open on warm days (I switch to a mesh jacket above 80'F).


I noticed that Newenough has them in their "closeout" section right now for $124. I'd consider that a very good value for a Cortech product. (no affiliation)

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That's my winter jacket, warm, waterproof. It was good all around but a bit warm in the summer. I added a savanna to my gear to fix that problem.

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I got the short version last October and love it. (It's my winter jacket)


With the liner and a sweater/sweat shirt , its good to a least 35. With everthing off and vents open it good to about 80.


Went through a few rainstorms with no leaks, but now they only lasted for 30 minutes.


At the price above, I would consider it an excellant buy.

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