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North meets South 2020, Oakhurst, Yosemite


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Okay everyone the 2020 North Meets South event in Oakhurst at the Comfort Inn is on April 24-25.  Rooms are 93.00 bucks a night.  Normally 128/night for this weekend.  This includes a decent breakfast.  Wait there's more.  Including walking distance to liquor store at no extra charge. For those of you new to the forum or the event you can do no wrong attending this weekend of riding, tire & oil threads, and just plain fun.  Yosemite Nat'l Park is 20 minutes up the road.  Plenty of mountain and foothill roads to keep a smile on your face.  Normally a large group from So. Cal will meet in Tehachapi on Friday morning for a full day of tire scrubbing. For those of you that like to take it off pavement there are plenty of dirty forest roads minutes from the motel in Oakhurst.  I know someone that can lead a group in that endeavor.  Let me if know if that floats your boat. 

Also I'll check on the restaurants for Friday and Sunday.  The Sweetwater is no longer so I must do some recon but the Yosemite Grill across the street has always done us right for one of those evenings.

When you call to reserve your room tell them you are will the BMW Group to get the good guy price.

Comfort Inn phone is (559) 683-8282

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Hey all, we do get news up here in the hills.  Currently Oakhurst is very quiet as you might expect.  I'm not yet calling it a no go.  I'll revisit the plan later in April to give you plenty of time cancel.  If you do cancel please post.

thanks, keep your distance and be safe

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Cancelled my reservation today. Bummed beyond words, stir crazy as an alley cat. Hope to see everyone soon. Please stay isolated and be safe until we ride again!



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23 hours ago, longjohn said:

I hope the fires stay away from coarsegold and oakhurst. 

The fire near Oakhurst is named the Creek Fire.  As of 6pm today, in the 4 days its been active its burned 163,000 acres, 60 single family homes, 278 mixed use buildings, 2 commercial buildings and 20 minor other structures.  It is ZERO percent contained.  See the attached pic for the fire map showing the burn area in relation to Oakhurst.


Edit - Looking at Google Maps info, which I don't know how up to date it is versus the CalFire Map pic I attached.  It seems like 10 miles ish from Oakhurst and 2 miles ish from Auberry.  Coursegold is 12.5 ish miles.  Not good at all with zero containment.

Good luck Joe and if there's anything we can, let us know!!!


Oakhurst Fire.jpg

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