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WERKS Headlight Protector


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Introducing the WERKS Headlight Protector. Won't make your bike faster, smoother, or quieter? So why would you want one? 


Simple. The factory headlight assembly for Wethead and Shifthead RT's is over $1200 street cost. When you can find a salvage unit they are over half the amount of a new one. 


I have been asked many times to develop one. It is available and shipping now. Not only do you get added protection from rocks and other debris that might crack or shatter your headlight assembly, it can also act as a sacrificial part to protect your headlight housing from pits and minor scratches. 


Easy to remove and reinstall. 3M Duo Locks hold it securely in place. 


$90 plus a flat rate shipping charge of $20 in the US. Flat rate shipping to Canada $47 

Save money by shipping at no cost when you purchase a Quiet Ride windshield at the same time. They fit in the box with the windshield!


To order:  https://www.werksparts.com/werks-headlight-protector.html



( This is a one time commercial announcement approved by the board )




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I just installed the WERKS Headlight Protector on my ‘18 RT.  It arrived at my door in a timely manner in perfect condition.

Mounting instructions are clearly written and installation is easy. Considering the cost of the stock headlight cover, I think the WERKS protector is money well spent.




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You don't want to start now. These new RT's headlights are simply crazy expensive. 

I wasn't too worried about it for several years. But then I seen a "star" on my right side signal light. Could have been the headlight instead of the signal light.....

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Even if you don't ever get a rock breaking the plastic, the plastic will get pitted over the years,  decreasing the clarity of the headlight.   Which means less light on the road.  So if you're one to keep a bike a long time, it's still cheaper to replace a protector like this.

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Very nice looking headlight protector, and well worth the money.  I have an older one from a different company on my 1100RT, and I've replaced it twice.  Both times due to a rock hit.  

A headlight protector is one of the smartest investments you can make.

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I installed mine a few weeks ago, it took me longer to peel off the backing of the tabs then anything else. 


I cleaned the headlight really well before mounting it and found some tiny stone pits, i'm glad i spent the money now. 

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