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Garmin Street Pilot III Data Card


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Hopefully most folks are smarter than yours truly! I have a Garmin SPIII with the 128 Meg datacard. I have found a 256 Meg via internet for ~ $93, but was wondering if there are other solutions. With digital camera memory cards & sticks getting so cheap, does anyone know if there is a card offered which is compatible with the Garmin SPIII? I'd love to pick up a 1 Gig or something if available. Thanks to all & regards -- NN

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Unfortunately the SPIII uses proprietary data cards. And, AFAIK, 512MB is the largest size available. I've never seen any knockoff/generic cards - I don't know that the market is large enough for someone to develop one, even if they could avoid patent/licensing issues.


The newer units (starting with the 2610, I think) use regular Compact Flash cards.

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No other options than Garmin. $93 for a 256 is a bit steep. I'd check around some. I'll bet you can find one for ~$60 or so.

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Thanks guys for the info; looks like a little more shopping in store for me. $60 or so sure beats shelling out for a newer model & I really do like the SPIII. I appreciate your quick replies. Regards --NN

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