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Leak in front brake line - hard to replace?

RTP Rider

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Well I searched for brake line leaks and replacements and came up with no real references so here goes (BTW hope everyone is well!)...


My front brake line has sprung a pinhole leak. I suspect it has to do with me not relieving the pressure by opening the filler cap on the brake reservoir when I did a pad replacement confused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif


I noticed the lever getting spongy and sure enough I traced a fluid leak...


Looking at the hoses it looks like the front line is all one piece?


Anyone been through this replacement? How tough and how much was the part(s)?


Thanks for any advice..


2001 RT-P

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Lisa's R1100RS had the same symptoms. We ordered a set of Galfer Stainless lines from www.cyclebrakes.com. I forget the price, but the complete replacement set wasn't much more than what BMW wanted for the single line that failed. Maybe it was cheaper...I can't remember.


I believe there are 4 individual lines for the front brakes: Master Cyl to ABS, ABS to a "splitter" (for lack of the correct term), then one to each caliper.

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Go to a place near you that makes up hydraulic lines. They will custom build you a stainless steel one with the proper fittings for around $25. I had mine made in Tallahassee Florida at Capital Rubber.

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