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Lower back pain


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Hey all


I've got a 2012 RT.  It's the only bike that gives me a bit of pain in my lower back after an hour or so.


I got the handlebar risers and it's still not great.


Haven't had this issue on any of my several previous bikes or current others. 


Help? Should I just sell it? I love the bike otherwise but the problem happens every time. 

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

There're several causes to low back pain.  Some, I can push through on and it goes away.  Don't get it on my 2012 though.  Posture is a biggee contributor too.


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Such a personal thing, and sometimes hard to find a solution....    My '17 RT took some trial & error effort to get rid of pain across my shoulder blades and rib cage.  End result was:

Russell Day Long seat

H'bar risers set more back than higher

Footpeg lowering kit

Seat in LOW position (even tho I'm 6'1")

Now, no pain on all-day rides!

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Exercise. Improve your core strength. Leg lifts, 3 sets of 10 reps every other day (work up to it if you have to). Just a small lift, 10 inches is fine. 


Certainly do all you can to avoid weird positions and stretching, but core strength is important too. 

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I know this sounds strange, but do a site search for Master Yoda's riding position.  It may help your analysis.

Oops, it's the top thread in this section :4317:  That was easy.

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Curious, what style bike gave you no back issues? I think ^ MYRP will get you riding pain free. Now I may butcher this but my interpretation of it is to use your leg & core muscles to support some of your weight. Also, arch your back like this, ( not this ). If wrong sorry, works for me. :dontknow:

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As a long time sport / naked / sport touring rider the RT took me some miles to really LOVE it , mine came with an aftermarket seat that was to tall for me , worn out tires and so on. 

Once I got a stock seat , new tires , adjusted the levers ( they work better for me MUCH closer to the bars than I usually have them ) and got used to the turn signals :)  things got SO much better. 

The higher bars at first gave me a bit of an ache between my shoulder blades , but that is gone now with a slightly lower seat and playing with the screen height. 

As far as back pain I would try the stock height bars , I feel like having my hands higher then they are would put more pressure on my back. 

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