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Warp9 Royal Enfield Himalayan Brake-Clutch Adjustable Levers

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Published in: Gear

Warp9 Royal Enfield Himalayan Brake-Clutch Adjustable Levers

Small changes can make the biggest differences. Next to the throttle, clutch and brake levers are the most actuated controls so being sure they fit your hand and riding style is important. As much as we love Royal Enfield's Himalayan, one feature we miss off the showroom floor is adjustable levers.

 Warp9 RoyalEnfield Himalayan Clutch Lever

Even for fairly large hands, the clutch and brake levers do most of the work at the very end of their travel and can make off-road modulation more sensative than it needs to be.

We even tried levers from other Royal Enfield models, but none seemed to work right...until now. Warp 9 was fast to see the need for this product and reacted quickly with a set of adjustable billet clutch and brake levers for the Himalayan.

Installation is no more difficult than any other bike lever swap, but the results are noticable. Having both the brake and clutch levers just a little closer to the grip made controlling these two important functions easier and more precise. No mystery here...just get the levers where you need them!

Both levers are double hinged and should stand up better to abuse than the stock units, but this may not be an issue if you have them behind hand-guards, as seen here.

Warp9 RoyalEnfield Himalayan Brake Lever

The only caveat we noticed is the clutch lever pivot section is larger than stock, and may come very close to your handguards. We have Barkbuster handguards on the bike and the clutch lever body just barely touches at full extension.

 Warp9 RoyalEnfield Himalayan Clutch Lever 2

Creating more space here isn't a hug problem. This can be solved fairly easily by installing a washer or two between the handguard cross bar and its inside mounts.

Overall, there's not much to complain about with an upgrade like this. Installation is simple, build quiality is an improvement over stock and the levers help the bike fit the rider. Each piece will set you back $39.99 from Warp9 Racing direct. If you have smaller hands and are having difficulty working the clutch or brake just right, Warp9's adjustable levers may be high on your upgrade list.

For more info, check visit: Warp9Racing.com. Warp9 Racing Royal Enfield Himalayan Adjustable Clutch or Brake Levers MSRP: $39.99


• Ergonomically adjustable control points

• Easy installation

• Good quality double hinged build

• Fair price for an important upgrade not currently available elsewhere


• Clutch lever is bulkier than stock and may contact handguards


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