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Soldering on a CAN-bus bike


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I know that you must disconnect the battery from the bike if you do any arc welding on the frame of a CAN-bus bike but I assume "soldering" is not a problem but thought I'd check the combined wisdom of the board. I want to solder my connections into the switched power from the parking light and I read in one post that I should disconnect the soldering iron just before soldering but it seems to me that it should not be a problem because no current is flowing through the solder interface. Is this right?

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can't comment on arc welding, I soldered to the switched power on the diagnotic plug no problema...



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I've soldered 1/2 dozen connections to the factory wiring on our CAN-BUS R1200GS without disconnecting the battery, unplugging the soldering iron or such, with no issues.


Still, if it makes you sleep better, can't hurt to go ahead and do it.

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