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Need Help Finding a Kenwood FreeTalk XL Owner's Manual


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This is for the 2-watt FreeTalk XL FRS/GMRS radio.


I just sold my XL and went to where I keep my radio manuals so I could ship it all together, and it's MIA. So if anyone has a spare, a leftover, is willing to photocopy theirs, or can lead me to a PDF download of it, I would appreciate it.


Many thanks in advance.

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Thank you, Kevin. I looked at that list, too. The model is a TK-3101 and for whatever reason, it's not on there. I know that there was a discussion about this about a year ago and that someone had found a PDF dowloadable link. I'm hoping either they still have the link or the PDF and can forward one of them to me.


Much appreciated.

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Yeah. Whatever. Show me how your original link leads him to a manual. tongue.gif

Duuuuude, where's the love? That's so very Un-Nashvillian of you ... to be such a playa hata so early in the morning.


If may be too early for you to navigate the wasteland of bad information design ... but something is better than nothing, and I leave you with the QED proof of where and how such ends can be achieved from original means provided.



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Thank you, Gentlemen. That was what I needed.


Hey, Matt (thanks). . .Tuono riders, go figger! (insert oy vey emoticon)


Thanks again to all.

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