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2003 RT1150 Front Mirror/Turn Signal Assembly Replacement


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Greetings all! I recently lost my right front turn signal / mirror assembly. It had been knocked off and damaged in a parking lot incident at the recent Superbike races near Birmingham. On my return trip to Arkansas, it had apparently loosened to the point that it came completely off into interstate traffic outside of Memphis, undoubtably crushed to dust within minutes. I had hoped to find a salvage replacement online, but thus far no luck. My RT is platinum in color - any suggestions before I have to buy new OEM? Thanks for your help!

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check out beemboneyard.com and ebay. I have seen several on ebay in the last couple of months and even sold a blue one to some bloke in Australia a couple of months back.


Make sure that you secure the mirrors to the bike before you lose another one! crazy.gif


BTW beemerboneyard will put you on a list of wanted parts!

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Yes, I looked at beemerboneyard, but as you noted the only platinum colored one they had was sold. I am not sure I want to wait too long as a waiting list might require. I will check out EBAY though - thanks for the ideas!

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