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Gearbox/Final drive fluid replacement


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Since I don't have a manual yet and have not done this procedure on a RT before... I was hoping someone had easy access to some picutures of the procedure and specifics about amounts/grades of fluids. Also, I'm planning to changing to synthetic, so do the gb and fd need syn. too?


Thanks for any feedback!

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Switched over to Redline Heavy Shockproof synthetic about a year ago and and followed Jamie's excellent write up (see Leslie's link above). Smoother shifts and less noise. thumbsup.gif

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Any name brand 75W-140 synthetic EP gear oil will do fine in both the rear drive and transmission. To smooth shifts, add 10% moly to the transmission.

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Les is more

I should have mentioned that we have switched to the Redline Shockproof Heavy in the tranny. It did help the shifting. We don't use the Redline in the final drive however. It tends to foam up and overflow, especially when riding through bigger elevation changes. You don't really need the Shockproof in the rear anyway since those gears are constant mesh and there's no shock loading there.

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