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Windshield fitment; R1100RT versus R1150RT


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I noticed that the pre-2002 model R11xxRT's use a windshield with three mounting holes, while the 2002-2004 versions use a two-hole version. Are they interchangeable? Can a R1150RT version be retrofitted to fit a R1100RT by drilling the third (middle) hole, or will a R1100RT shield fit a R1150RT with the extra middle hole (i.e. with the first and third holds on the R1100RT fit the R1150RT windshield bracket)?



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The windshields are interchangeable. Be careful when drilling, it is easy to crack the shield. I removed the Parrabellum windshield from my 98RT and installed it on my 04RT, no problems thumbsup.gif

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Rather than trying to drill a two hole shield to three, just shave off the middle dimple on the plastic retaining pieces. As evidenced by the R1150RT, the middle retaining screw is not needed.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I picked up a used R1150RT Cee Bailey's #2 EURO cut +4.5" on Ebay. Am crossing my fingers on the condition (and holding the plastic polish on the other hand). Don't know yet if I'll drill it or modify the mount. We'll see when I have the windshield off the bike.


I'm also not sure if +4.5" is tall enough for me (6' 2"), but it's got to be better than the BMW "Tall" (+2") screen which has three basic modes: Down, with the air full blast in the face (good for hot weather), up high which blocks the air, but causes severe vibration to the fairing and front end, or midway up, which of course dumps air on top of my head and shoulders (feels like a 50 lb monkey is sitting on my head).


I figure that "tall" to a German must be about 183cm (6 feet) tall.

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4-1/2" should be tall enough, maybe more than you want. I am 6'-1" and have the same windshield only +3-1/2" and it is about perfect for me. Did you get the shield on ebay? I often see clearance windshields from cee-bailey and parrabellum there. There are also some deals from moto-tech?? on handlebar risers and aluminum struts for the rear suspension.

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If you use masking tape and go slow then it's pretty easy to drill the new shield and retain the stock configuration, but that said there probably isn't any reason not to modify the mount instead if that is your preference.

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The install went fine. I decided to drill out the holes rather than break off the tabs. As usual, I managed to make a 10 minute job into a 2 hour one, but I got it done.


I was pretty shocked. I picked this windshield up for $55.00 plus about $16.54 in shipping fees. It came factory wrapped from Cee Baileys. I looked all over, and I can't find a scratch or distortion or warp. It's probably a customer return or "second", but I can't find a thing wrong with it. There were two other Cee Baileys 11xxRT windshields available when I picked up this one, which have since been sold. But there are others out there now for other models (GS/RS/C).


The guy's email address is an "xxx@ceebaileys.com" email address, so I guess it's a legitimate outlet.


FYI, this is his web store. You can't beat these prices with a stick!



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4-1/2" should be tall enough, maybe more than you want. I am 6'-1" and have the same windshield only +3-1/2" and it is about perfect for me.


You are correct. The 3.5" might have been better. When I drop the screen flat against the stops, I get as much air flow as when I had the BMW Tall screen (+2") almost all the way up. And that's not much. During hot weather, I'm probably going to wish this windshield allowed more air flow. Two inchs plus the "flip" at the top make a heck of a difference.


There's probably less turbulence as well, and the handling characteristics feel a bit different (60-80MPH, going into a headwind-breeze near the beach). I'll have to ride it under other conditions (e.g. cross winds, and higher winds) more to evaluate. But raised to mid-height, the only air flow I feel is at the sides of my shoulders, which is to say, almost no air flow at all.


The visability of the "EURO" cut is great, so good in fact, that I forgot to consider it until after the ride (had to go retest!). The distortion many have complained about is certainly there (due to the aerodynamic "flip"), but it doesn't matter to me. I can sell well over the top (where my eyes should be focused anyway), and well enough down through the glass, that the distortion is irrelevant to me.


This is by far the biggest ride improvement I've made to this bike (though to be fair, I haven't added my after market shocks yet grin.gif). The stock screens might be OK for guys 5'10" and shorter, but for anyone taller than that, they #2 Cee Bailey's is the way to go. If you need full wind protection, the "Monster" screen would probably feel like driving a car.

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