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R1200RT side cases: Can loose fitting case be adjusted to fit more snugly.


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One of the side cases on my R1200RT doesn't fit as snugly as the other. There is about 1/4" of play (up and down movement)when mounted. Does anyone know if the plastic flange which pops up, when the handle is locked, can be adjusted to stick out further?


I sure miss the ammo-cans I had mounted to my F650GS; they were solid as a rock.

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No adjustment is available but that said, the two mounting "posts" that the side cases hang on are wedge shaped. The more load I carried in the side cases the tighter they sat on the bike. Was more difficult to get them off. I say not to worry about it, but just make sure that all three mounting points are properly engaged when you install the cases on the bike.

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