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2019 ADVMoto Holiday Gift Guide

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Published in: Gear

2019 ADVMoto Holiday Gift Guide intro

Gifts Under $50

ADVMoto Drinkware

Stay hydrated with ADVMoto Drinkware. Choose from our LIMITED-EDITION Destination Flask, Moon Coffee Mug, or Classic Nalgene Water Bottle. While you’re at ADVMotoShop.com, be sure to check out the rest of our swag for even more stocking stuffer ideas.

MSRP: $18–$20 | ADVMotoShop.com

ADVMoto Drinkware

Kate’s Real Food Bars

Finding healthy, filling and nutritious food on the trail can be a difficult task.  Kate’s Real Food bars are not only great to stuff in tank bags and backpacks, but Christmas stocking as well. All organic, honey sweetened, non-GMO and with gluten free options there’s likely a flavor for everyone. We visited the Utah facility where the bars are hand-made and met with Kate herself who’s a serious off-road rider! Check out our video on ADVMoto’s Youtube channel to see the whole production process and you’ll see why there’s no other treat like it on the market.

MSRP: $28.99 | KatesRealFood.com


Rocky Creek Motopressor Puncture Repair Tool

This handy multi-tool packs the essentials to make trailside tire repair much easier. The Motopressor Puncture Repair Tool ensures your plugs, pliers, rasp, insertion tool, and knife are in one place. The small kit fits perfectly in a small tank bag, pocket, or holiday stocking.

MSRP: $46.33 | RockyCreekDesigns.com

RockyCreek RepairTool

Green Chile Adventure Gear Dynatow Dynamic Motorcycle Tow Strap

We've all got a buddy who's bike always seems to break down. Here's a perfect gift idea for him or her! The Green Chile Adventure Gear Dynatow Dynamic Motorcycle Tow Strap is a 26 foot long tow strap with 32 inches of stretch material on both ends to give both riders a more stable tow. It packs into it's own carrying case that'll fit in any tank or tail bag. The Dynatow can come in handy at a camp site as a ridge line for a tarp or clothes line, or on the trail as a recovery strap to help a rider out of a ditch.

MSRP: $29.99 | GreenChileADV.com


Gifts Under $80

Motion Pro BeadPro FS (Forged Steel)

Breaking beads got easier with Motion Pro’s BeadPro released a few years back, but they didn’t stop there. The new BeadPro FS is 60% longer, made of steel and also costs ten dollars less. Although less convenient for packing on a bike, these are great to have around a shop or garage.

MSRP: $54.99 | MotionPro.com

 MotionPro BeadPro

Cruztools Tool Wraps and Kits

Forget piecing together your own tool kit, Cruztools has already done it for you! Designed for a variety of motorcycle brands, Cruztools Tool Wraps and kits are a combination of necessities for roadside maintenance and repairs. The kits are pro-grade, nicely organized and designed for the long haul.

MSRP: $65–$120 | CruzTools.com | Also available on Amazon.com(Affiliate).


Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe Portable Fire Pit

The Fire Safe could be the most compact fire pit on the market and we’re certain the moto camper on your holiday list will love it. It weighs less than 2.2 lb. and folds into a compact size that will fit in panniers or a backpack. Best yet, it keeps your fires elevated, ensuring you don’t scorch the earth beneath it. The Fire Safe is a perfect pairing for Wolf and Grizzly’s M1 Grill.

MSRP: $79 | WolfandGrizzly.com | Also available on Amazon.com(Affiliate).

 WolfandGrizzly Fire

Gifts Under $140

Ermax Universal Clip and Flip Screen Wind Deflector

The Ermax Clip and Flip Screen is a universal wind deflector that will fit pretty much any motorcycle with a stock windscreen. If the motorcyclist in your life is on the taller side, or racks up long miles on the road, he or she will really appreciate this easy-to-install bike mod. It’s available in various tint levels and can be adjusted for additional height and angles.

MSRP: $86.51 | MotoMachines.com

Ermax ClipandFlip

Big Agnes Q-Core SLX

Ensure your moto traveling loved ones get a good night’s rest with Big Agnes’s Q-Core SLX. This three-season inflatable sleeping pad packs light and offers multi-directional support and stability. Available in multiple sizes, the Q-Core SLX is packed full of features, including built-in advanced heat reflective technology, antimicrobial treatment, a quilted, pillowy sleeping surface, and even a repair kit.

MSRP: $139.95–$249.95 | BigAgnes.com

BigAgnes Q Core SLX

Tires checked, are you grippin’?

Luggage packed, throttles blippin’

We’re off at first light

Set to take flight

Riding in Adventure Moto Land

Gone away, is the traffic

On our way, to geographic

Canyons and dunes

As we sing this tune

Riding in Adventure Moto Land

On the trail we can map a game plan

Jump and even cross some creeks and streams

He’ll say, “Are you ready?”

We’ll say, “Yeah man!

You take sweep and I will take the lead!”

Later on, when we’re tired

We’ll share tales, ‘round the fire

Of the routes where we played

And friends that we’ve made

Riding in Adventure Moto Land

- Happy Holidays from ADVMoto!



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