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Dark theme has gone missing


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When I went to the forum website this morning it had forgotten I was logged in so I had to log in again. After that the page remained in the default light theme (I had previously switched to dark theme). And now the theme drop down at the bottom of the page doesn't have a dark selection, only Default and Light Gray. Was there a change to the forum software? Or are my devices just suddenly messed up?

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55 minutes ago, RogerC60 said:

... Or are my devices just suddenly messed up?


No,  you're  good .... 


Periodically the vendor provides minor updates to the core software which we completed yesterday.  For some reason the custom themes ( of which the dark themes are part of)  reset to only Administrator access after the completion of the update.  So , when we checked after the update to see all themes were available, as Administrator they were working.


They have been restored ....sorry for the confusion.


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