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Dirt/Film Getting inside headlight

John in NC

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2004 R1150RT

Has anyone experienced a haze/film getting inside the headlight and if so what is the remedy? I also have the same problem with the tach. The bike is still under warranty.

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There is aquite a few cases of this. There is a little breather, black tee piece under the headlight. Make sure you have one fitted. What normally happens is road grime can get in there, you will find it hard to clear, maybe a hoover will clear it. Complain to your dealer and see what he will do for you.

You can see it this pic, near the side light housing




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Mine has the tee. Problem is here in the humid south, the humidity and dirt are sticking to the inside glass. The only solution I see is to disassemble the headlight and clean it.

Can this be done?

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You can clean it but it's not fun. Using a stick with a ball of good paper towel (viva brand) or lint free cloth taped to the end with some windex sprayed on it.

You go in through the bulb opening. of course it's easy to do the very front but around the edges it gets tougher.


Using diferent size sticks and amount of towel on the end helps.


The object of the game is to not damage the reflector portion of the housing as it can scratch easily.


Sealed beam lamps are the only things that don't develop this film being a airtight vacuum

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