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Pics of Martin brackets for R1150RS?


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I can't seem to locate any pictures of the Martin driving light brackets for the R1150RS. It looks like there were some posted here in the past, but the poster's site is no longer around. The pic here is obviously not great.


Anyone with these brackets on their RS have any pics?

Will they ever contact the fender?



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I installed PIAAs underneath the headlight. Did a BBG and the lights wouldn't hold there adjustment. I also got pissed at my dealer for scratching the hell out of my front fender on the oil change I had done.


I looked at the fender and couldn't imagine how they could do so much damage. Then I saw the light. The front fork compression was so great the fender was hitting the lights throwing them out of adjustment.


I put them there because I saw pics of RTs with lights there. I sent back the Martin brackets because I thought them too long (8" vibration).


I'm having my beak fender painted and a sheet metal shop is making the bracket I designed. As soon as its done I'll post pics.


My aux light set up will be Trail Tech HIDs (M16 driving pattern)) over Piaas (fog pattern) on the same bracket.


There aren't enough R1150RS's around for a decent off the shelf selection.

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