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Quietest Helmet

Frank B

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My Arai Signet Q helmet is 6 years old so it's time to replace it.  I'm a touring rider (R1200RT) and I'm interested in getting the quietest helmet I can.  The Arai was good but I got wind buffeting in my right ear unless I dipped my head--'have talked with other riders who got the same effect.  I've been looking at the Shoei GT Air 2.  I know about earplugs, best helmet fit,...   Just interested in hearing about rider's experience with different high end helmets for touring.


Any suggestions.

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What Marty said is the truth. How tall you sit, how air hits you, how your bike manages air around you, all fit into the equation. And it varies so much between riders and different bikes. 

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As far as picking the quietest helmet for you all I can say is its a double edged sword the more airflow thru the helmet the more noise there will be, of course having clean air around a shield helps really the best thing is earplugs for me get the helmet that fits best. 

There are some good youtube reviews where they use a DB meter inside the helmet to compare models and it always seems like the ones with the worst venting also have the best noise. 

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Just another opinion....I've owned Shoei, Arai, HJC, AGV, skid lids, etc...and now Klim TK1200 modular.  The klim is the lightest & quietest helmet for me...not noiseless, but quieter.   I do wear earplugs with all of them, since I tend to look over the windscreen rather than thru it, and keep vents open most of the year. (RT rider).

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Frank...I've been similarly searching now for a couple of months.  I haven't finished but here is what I have experienced so far.  I ride the R1200RT LC too.


Schuberth is comfortable on me but short.  Doesn't come down below my ears very far.  Took it around the block and thought it was loud.  AGV carbon...boy I really wanted this one to work because of the lighter weight.  It too was shorter vertically and was louder than my current Neotec.


I am a modular helmet guy due to heat in Houston so nothing is going to be overly quite.


I wrote to Shoei and asked them what was their quietest helmet.  To my surprise they said it was the RF 1200.  I test rode it as well and it was certainly more quiet(noticeably) than either Schubert, the AGV Carbon, and maybe slightly quieter than my Shoei Neotec.


You experience may vary but the Schuberth and AGV for me are out..  They didn't have Neotec 2 in stock so could not try it out.  I'm going to the big show in Dallas in January and will check some more.  I won't be able to ride with any of those at that show but I can narrow it down.


Hope this helps a little....and I agree with Terry & Marty

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I've had two Nolan and two Shoei helmets but I recently got a Schuberth R2 helmet and like it a lot. So light weight, aerodynamic, good looking and the quietest of them all. My Nolan helmets were modular but I found them to be extra noisy and heavy. With the excellent airflow of the schuberth, I think I will be okay this summer in Florida.

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Agree, Schuberth C4Pro, Very quiet, light,and great vision. If you need noise, just open a vent or the shield. 

I have tested it in both , hot and cold weather. Desert and Coast. It replaced my Shoei, that I flat wore out.

I was surprised at how quiet and comfortable it is.

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I have a GT Air (not the II) and an RF1200, the GT Air is by far the better helmet IMHO. Very quiet and very comfortable. I haven't put the RF 1200 on for quite a while.

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Hello Frank B,

It’s been 5 months since your original post. Hopefully you found your helmet. I prioritize fit and comfort over quietness, as others have. If the helmet was too noisy, then I used Dynamat sound deadening material, cut into small pieces to line the ear cutout and a little beyond (after removing the foam liner). https://www.summitracing.com/parts/dyc-10415

It works really well regardless of the brand. I’ve applied two layers on one helmet as one layer was not enough. 

I also will remove some of the EPS around the ear cup to accommodate my ears more comfortably and thinned the foam insert that came with my Neotec. 

So if your new helmet isn’t quiet enough, you might want to try this. 


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I know you mentioned ear plugs and to be honest  since I never ride without them my primary helmet concern has become fit and comfort. I do like my RF series Shoei as it was quieter than their other helmets for me.

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With a lot of experimenting with several helmets, full and modular, HJC, LS2, and Shoei, I found that the noise mostly comes in thru the "head hole", that is, around your neck.  It isn't the helmet's aerodynamics , vents, or sealing around the visor that creats the noise, it all types of noise coming in.  I found that the very smallest pinhole will let in a huge amount of noise.  Even the wires on my earbuds will transmit sound directly to my ears.  Try it sitting at your desk, put in the earbuds and scratch, flap, or tap the wires and you will hear it.  


The only way I've found to seal the "neck hole" is with a helmet skirt like snowmobilers wear to stay warm.  That's hard to do with a modular, tho.  Get a helmet that fits your neck the best/tightest.

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