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Front Wheel Wobble when hitting bump


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I have owned my '96 RT for three years and it always feels like the the front wheel wobbles left to right when turning and hit a bump.


Everything checks out solid when the bike is parked and I check it.


Any ideas? New shock? Fork Seals?




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Do you have any adjustment on your front shock for rebound dampening? Mine sort of started feeling that way when I had my dampening set too stiff, so I backed it off a bit. I have Ohlins and no experience with the stock shocks, hence the question.

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Stock front shock on the RT has no adjustments but may not really need any in this case. Hitting a bump while heeled over in a turn is just natrually going to introduce some torque into the steering system. The tire is no longer perpendicular to the ground, after all.


A twitch, felt at the bars, is normal. A wobble, where the bars oscillate from side to side for a period is not.


I would certainly take a careful look at the ball joint connection where the lower triple connects to the A-arm and perhaps at the pivots for said arm as well.


Depending on milage, it could well be that the shock has given up the ghost. The stock shock is no paragon of precision anyway and a replacement might be in order.

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And we must not forget that our own actions can induce/perpetuate a wobble.


It is imperative to loosen up your arms and hands. Anytime you start to weight the bars beyond the minimum necessary to safely operate the bike you inherently will cause oscillations and steering issues with the bike.


Just my .02 worth before you start throwing money at the bike.


Take some mental time to analyze your rider inputs. If you are anticipating this wobble, it is more likely being made worse by your 'tensing' on the bars. Soft elbows and relaxed wrists with no deathgripping of the bars.


Also, move your visual reference farther down range/through the corner, etc.


If after an honest evaluation of your riding style/inputs does nothing, then start digging into the wallet.


And do not forget to check the tire pressures and get the whole suspension set up. Front affects rear affects front, etc.


Good luck and keep us posted. thumbsup.gifwave.gif

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