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New helmet review: Shoei X-Eleven


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I finally bit the bullet and bought a Shoei X-Eleven. I have a "Shoei head" and have worn the "RF" series since the RF-700. For 2 1/2 years I've worn a RF-1000. The RF-1000 is a fine helmet, but I've dropped it multiple dozens of times, the rear vent mechanism broke after a recent drop so that the rear vent was permanently closed, and the upper lining was getting nasty from sweat. Some thoughts about the X-Eleven:


Comfort: The X-Eleven is a few ounces lighter than the RF-1000, but you feel every one of them. Its a pleasure to wear. No buffeting and feels very light. Very easy to turn the head.


Venting: This is the biggest difference from the RF-1000. I live in north Texas where we have several months of 100 degree days. The X-Eleven vents very well and does so much better than the RF-1000. I even feel the venting sitting behind my Aeroflow. The X-Eleven has numerous vents that the RF-1000 does not. I've even noticed significantly less fogging.


Noise: Face it, good venting comes with more noise. Its an expected trade-off. But for the amount of venting you get, the X-Eleven is a quiet helmet. I haven't noticed any more noise than with the RF-1000. I wear earplugs anyway so its really not much of an issue for me.


Lining: The entire lining can be removed and washed which, for me, is fairly important since I ride in hot weather a lot and I sweat a great deal. As I said, part of the problem with the RF-1000 was the nastiness of unwashed sweat over three Texas summers. Also, you can order smaller or larger cheek pads to more customize the helmet (true for the RF-1000, too). After a few months of breaking it in I anticipate ordering the next size larger set of cheek pads. I did it with the RF-1000 and it worked like a charm.


BTW, I bought it at my local dealership which I try to support. They know me as a good customer so they lobbed off a fair amount of change from the price. Color: I got silver. I really wanted the anthracite gray, but they didn't have it, and the next shipment of X-Elevens would come with a higher price tag, so I figured what the heck and went with silver.


I know its a pricey lid, but I plan to wear it for a number of years, and the additional $150 that I paid won't amount to that much in a few years.

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I concur with your review. It did take me a while to get used to it being a little noisier than my previous HJC LT-12, but the venting and other functionality is excellent and I think you're right... the noise is a trade off for the comfort. Thanks for posting. A guy I work with has been considering one and this will probably free the moths from his wallet.

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