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Telephone volume through Autocom Pro 7


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Many phones have different profiles for no connections, headset connected, plugged into an auto mounts etc. Check to see if you can raise the volume in the phone itself for when it's connected. You'll likely be able to save that profile so it won't blow your head off next time you use it in your hands.



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What phone is it? How are you connecting it to the autocom? Bluetooth, straight lead, adapter block on the phone end of the lead?

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I was having the same problem with my phone. I figured out that I had the GPS & phone plugged into the wrong jacks on the dual audio input (part 57). Once I switched them, the volume was plenty loud.

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I had the same issue.....but turns out I had the passenger lead connected to my helmet and not the primary lead. Switched and VOILA! phone volume is LOUD!

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