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Still searching for a Better Helmet


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Ok I need the help of the experts--Thats you guys and gals!

I have a HJC symax flip up and like it size extra large. I am doing much more riding this year and I have been looing to "upgrade" my head protection. I was told to buy a Nolan they dont fit and after I went to the third shop to try on different helmets I was told that Nolan and HJC are the same quality. The latest shop said arai or shoei . I don't thing Arai makes aflip up and the Shoei makes the syncrotec.


The Shoei is a little high for my budget plus I haven't found a store that has the flip in stock to try on.


so there you have it. Help please?



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I've got a brandy new (<3 months) Schuberth C2, you wanna see?


I found it near impossible finding dealers who actually had helmets in stock to try on. frown.gif


(I'm home, not riding this afternoon!)

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After months of contempation I ordered my Schuberth C2 yesterday! I should have it for next weekend. When I've tried it out for real I'll let you know what I think of it. I love everything about it walking around the shop but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.


Derek Brown



Yamaha Tmax

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I got a 59--L--7+3/8. Very snug at first, now starting to break in a bit. The chin-bar is very close...I can touch it if I jut my chin out.


It's a bit noisy, but I've found that's mostly because of the turbulence coming off the RT windshield (I have a tall). Are you working tomorrow? (I may be able to swing in after lunch for a quick visit on my way home)

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