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Help, Multhup's wrenching on my ride!


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Anyone here able to give me a short summary of hexhead TB balance procedure?


Jonathan Multhaup here, and I'm getting ready to give Roburt lots of incorrect advice on balancing his R1200GS TBs after we finish the valve adjustment. Can someone save his ride by directing us to a procedure for balancing hexhead TBs?

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Not exactly the same. Idle speed is handled by the Motronic as is idle balance. The high speed sync is all you can or should attempt. At least till I buy a hexhead and figure out the control algorythem for the idle air control motors.

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Pretty much what Ed said. Just sync it at 4-5k RPM (where ever you spend most of your time) and don't even bother checking it at idle or very low RPM

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I have just had a go at mine and I discovered that all the guides I could find on the web refer to oilheads and do not match the layout of the TB's on the hexhead. No "big brass screw" for one thing (for reasons explained by others above) and the vacuum nipples are in a different place which can throw the inexperienced.


But are you saying that the cables should not be adjusted to synchronise pick-up from idle? As it happened, mine were already in synch, so I left them alone, but the cables and adjusters looked pretty conventional to me.


There's another post somewhere (perhaps on another forum) about adjusting idle speed. I assume Motronic constantly monitors this, but can the target speed be set anywhere other than by computer?

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There is really only one adjustment point you need to make:


1) Hook up your sync. measuring tool of choice.


2) At your favorite RPM above idle, adjust the right hand cable adjuster for in sync.


You're done!

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