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New helmet upgrade

Joe Coastie

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Just purchased a new helmet, ls2 valiant avant model.

Normally $329.99 on sale $235.80

I normally wear an open face type, with this model I have the choice of open face or full face.

It will take some getting used to.

I'm guessing some of the membership is using this type and would appreciate their thoughts.





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7 hours ago, AZgman said:

Let us know how noisy it is. I went back to a full face helmet from a modular mostly because of the reduced noise. 

It is a bit louder than an open face.

I've never worn a full face or modular before.

If I raise the windshield any noise goes away. (98 1100 RT)

With my "military hearing" ( weapons fire, heavy equip, and aircraft) I don't think it's too Noisey.

So, to me it's fine. 

If I was still riding my antique HD I probably wouldn't even notice it.

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I wore a modular LS2 Strobe for several years and was very pleased with it overall.  Then one day I decided for some obscure reason it was time to upgrade, so I bought a Shoei modular (Neotec 2).  They are very, VERY similar helmets, inside and out.  (I'm really bad to take things apart, always have been.)  I paid a lot more for the Shoei but there isn't a dime's worth of difference - fit and finish, weight, noise, comfort, features, etc EXCEPT the chin strap clasp/ratchet on the LS2 is way better.


I tried many things to reduce the noise, taping all the seams and vents, even the chin bar to helmet seam after donning the helmet.  No improvement in noise on either helmet.  I found all the noise is all coming in around your neck, right in from the bottom.  Only a good cold weather type skirt will help it.  Even a tiny hole will let in the noise.  3M yellow foam earplugs work best for noise reduction for me, or S plug ear buds if I'm using a comm.


Interesting design.  Please let us know what YOU think about it after a few good rides.



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