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Key lock


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Want to take this rail off, anything to be concerned about the lock being here:




The bike is pretty (not) bare right now:



Just need to get this rail off, back rack and taillight surround - clean/wax everything so it's all ready for reinstall when ready clap.gif

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Want to take this rail off, anything to be concerned about the lock being here:


Nope, just take out the three rear oval head allen screws (note which length goes where) and the large front allen head cap screw underneath the rail. The lock stays with the rail and simply slips into a socket in the latch for the seat (kind of cheap actually).




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Be careful and don't lose the black plastic thingamabob that the lock cylinder turns, which unlocks the seat - (like I did) blush.gif

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Just used soapy (dawn) water to clean it - no wax, discolors for some reason - DAMHIK.


Is there something you can recommend?

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Nah!! I was hoping you had a solution to keep the flat plastic shiny.

I have tried Lemon Pledge spray furniture polish. It works pretty good without attracting dust like Armor-All does. But, I haven't found anything good enough to shout about.

Bruce C smile.gif

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Mothers makes a product called Back to Black.

I've used it on my belly pan of my K1200RS and it does wonders.

You can pick it up at the local auto parts store.

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I use Meguir's Gold Class Trim Detailer.


It is a cream. On plastic surfaces like our side cases, I heat the material in the sun and remove to shade. I apply a LIBERAL coating of the Trim Detailer and let sit for an half-hour or so, then wipe with as many clean terry cloths as needed. It is superb, long-lasting restorer, and not dust attractant.


Works fine on any trip, and even CLEANED tire sidewalls. There, I wipe on, then when all trim is covered, remove.


Best wishes.

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