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Barkbusters Handguards Review

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Published in: Gear

barkbusters handguard review

In case you’re curious about your buddy’s Barkbusters handguards, and wanted to know how easy they are to install—or even better, how well they work, let’s shed some light on the matter. I just finished installing a set of Barkbusters VPS (Variable Protection System) plastic handguards and I also got my hands on the winter use “BBZ” (“Built for Blizzard” conditions) attachments to keep the cold off my hands.

There are 10 colors (of the plastics) to choose from with the VPS or JET models. The Storm or Carbon only comes in black.

Installation is straight forward and easy to understand, and it only took me about 25 minutes to complete.

All hardware is aluminum except for the fasteners, bolts and screws, which are steel. This keeps the handguards as lightweight and malleable as possible in case of a crash. And the design also will allow them to be bent back into somewhat of their original shape if you’re miles from home.

Barkbuster Handguard 1

The deflectors are plastic and offer adequate protection from wind, branches and other debris. I also opted for the “skid plate” which is a curved plastic piece that aids in protecting the raw aluminum at the bend. Skid plates come in handy if you drop the bike, thus protecting the third point of contact from the ground.

Barkbuster Handguard Skid Plate

The cold weather riding attachment, the BBZ, is easy to install over the VPS plastics and doesn’t vibrate at speed. It flexes around the fairing/windscreen at full steering lock, and attaches to the handlebar via the end bolt as well as a Velcro strap that helps keep the wind out of the handlebar grip area. The BBZ is made from a semi-rigid textile material to keep its shape. It also has an aluminum shaft along the bar end side for added integrity.

Barkbuster Handguard BBZ

Overall, I’d trust my hands to these Australian-made handguards for anything the trails will throw your way.


MSRP: $116.80–$166.75


  • Quality components
  • Easy to install
  • Various color options to match your taste
  • Will fit just about any handlebars


  • After removing and replacing the plastics several times from the aluminum bars, the screws lose their grip

Where to Buy:

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