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Hepco & Becker Xplorer Top Case 45

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It may not be widely known, but Hepco & Becker has been making motorcycle luggage since the mid-’70s, and damn good luggage at that. Luggage is definitely a personal preference. I would love to be able to travel without it, and I often do, but never without the beloved top case. A top case holds important gear that needs to be protected but accessible.

Hepco Becker Xplorer 45 Review04

Behold, the Hepco & Becker Xplorer 45. The case is available in silver or black and is engineered in a way that is slightly different from most other cases on the market. The first stand-out is the fact that it opens from the side rather than the front. Not a huge engineering leap forward but different, nonetheless. The case is constructed from 1.5mm aluminum, and high-impact plastic moldings on all four corners help keep the case’s shape in the event of a crash. A lot of manufacturers claim their cases are waterproof. I’m happy to say that the Xplorer is in fact watertight and accepts a full-face ADV helmet with room to spare. Having options for mounting is a bonus, as most systems offer only one. With the Xplorer you have three: Hepco & Becker Top Case, Aluracks, or the Easy Rack. I chose the Easy Rack system because it would lower the case backstop for a cleaner look.

Hepco Becker Xplorer 45 Review01

The Hepco & Becker Top Case is one of my favorite day-to-day pieces of kit. I can carry a fair amount of stuff for daily commuting, camera gear when out looking for something to photograph on the weekends, or that quick run to the store for dinner. With all the options for motorcycle luggage, it’s hard not to be confused when looking to outfit your machine. For me, this is a “top” choice.

Hepco Becker Xplorer 45 Review02

MSRP: $212.06—Easy Rack | $420.50—Explorer 45 Top Case

• Watertight sealing to protect box contents
• Large 45-liter capacity

• Mount is a tad pricey


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