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On the way to Torrey thread


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Since it is now so easy to post pics on our updated site, why not share your trip to Torrey while still under way? Or am I the only one who bothers to check the forum at rest stops?


Well, here’s a pic from my first WARM rest stop of the day somewhere along 84 in Oregon. 



Nothing there, but at the next stop, as I’m walking out of the restroom, a guy in riding gear walking in says, great taste you’ve got in bikes! 
...and I find this:



Pretty similar I’d say - same color, same year and even nearly the same miles. Weird rear tire though ;)


Damn thing followed me all the way into La Grande where I stopped to see if the bakery we’d nearly bought before starting off our still unfinished bakery quest was still open. 



Yep - still there, and still doesn’t appear to be living up to its potential. Man - am I picking up some quality classic parenting lingo or what?


In Boise tonight - nothing interesting to report. But, because you guys seem to like food: TACOS!




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11 hours ago, AZgman said:

Overnight in Kanab. Picture is looking back toward vermillion cliffs in AZ

Got soaked at Jacob's Lake but dry in Kanab!



hopefully we all stay dry today - looking forward to seeing you!

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