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R1150RT Dash mount power socket location?


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What is the best location on the dash to install a BMW power socket (outlet)?


By best I mean ease of installation, minimal impact on existing fittings etc.


I want to add one up front for my tank-bag electrification. As I use a Big Mak tank bag that pivots from the front I do not want wires from the saddle area.

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I used a step bit on low speed to drill one on the left dash on the right side of the plastic rectangle where the radio channel viewer goes.

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Use caution though left of the instruments. The reset tube for the odometer takes up more space than you might guess!

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Non-destructive installation is using an RS power outlet kit bolted underneath the fork centre adjacent to the igntion switch/lock. You take the power off the blue connector on LH side of tank. You need to remove tupperware and cut off a prong on the blue connector. Other than that, its basically plug and play. Send me an E to philbyil@(removeme)hotmail.com and I'll send you a photo.... thumbsup.gif

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